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They Revamped This CLASSIC Pedal After 44 Years! / Boss DS-1W

Adam Leaver: June 22, 2023
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Full Transcript

today we are going to check out the brand new boss ds1w this is the new waza craft Edition made in Japan so this is based off the original 1978 DS1 but they’ve added a new custom switch and this custom switch is really cool what it does is it increases the base and mid-range response making it sound a lot fatter they’ve also made it a lot more touch sensitive and they’ve included a premium buffer with it as well let’s check out and see how it sounds

I had loads of fun checking out this brand new ds1w I think boss have really really improved this pedal and having that extra custom setting gives players something that you know you can use on a high gain setting but also it cleans up really nicely when you’re using the volume control it’s a slightly more subtle Distortion if that is even a thing but I really like it and I think having the original stock side as well of the DS1 is so useful so you’ve got a very versatile pedal here to get some of the tones today we were using a paoleti Nancy Loft model going through our house Cornell Roman E12 obviously with the ds1w in between if you want to check out any of these bits of gear they’ll be linked in the description below and as always make sure you hit the Subscribe button to stay up to date with the latest content


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