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Fender American Vintage II – The Biggest Fender Guitar Release This Year?

Adam Leaver: June 22, 2023
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The American Vintage II range from Fender seeks to capture the spirit of some of the most iconic electric guitars ever produced. Built to the original specs, just how well do these guitars compare?

Full Transcript

the American Vintage series is back let’s check them out

Hi Sam from Guitar Village here and today we’re excited to announce the brand new American Vintage 2 Series these will be replacing the American original series but what they will be doing is looking back at year specific models much like they did with the first line of vintage reissue guitars today we’re going to be focusing solely on the pre-cbs models let’s get started so first up then what will vintage aficionados want to know about this series I think the first thing they’re going to ask is what lacquer is it and it’s not just cellulose just like the original’s head it’s going to have a seven and a quarter inch radius fretboard so it’ll be vintage correct and it will also have Clay dots on the Rosewood models something that the American original series didn’t have next up the players will be asking well what’s good for us in this and I can tell you there’s quite a few nice refinements on these models they’ve gone for modern electrics so you’ve got a five-way switch on the strap you’ve also got the bridge pickup wired up to its own tone pot so while these are going to have vintage voice year-specific pickups it’ll also be very nice for those people who want to use lots of sounds on board also it’s going to have vintage tool Frets so it’s going to be very playable as well we’re going to have a look at some of these models in depth now so first up we’re checking out the 51 tele in butterscotch blonde and this is very very cool because fender for a long time have done a 52 reissue guitar but the 51 reissue which is pretty close but there’s some really nice subtle changes in there the pickup sounds slightly different and throughout instead of using Phillips head screws they use flat head screws to make it really really authentic you can see them on the back there even the the strap buttons have Flathead screws on them too so it’s a very cool guitar it has an ash body with a solid chunky 51u profile Maple neck and it’s got three brass Saddles which give this a really distinct tone

next up we have moved on to the 60s with this 63 tele reissue from fender now during that period Fender were favoring all the bodies over Ash giving a slightly different sound and a little bit more of a mid-range push as well on it they also went to Rosewood fretboards in the late 50s and being a 63 reissue model it has the round laminate rosewood fretboard on there also with the clay dots which I think people are going to love the pickups are voiced for a 63 sound so they’ve taken some original 63 tellys and tried to recreate that sound with these it has threaded steel Saddles which are very vintage correct for that period and we have a medium c-shaped neck on there you might have noticed in the background as well we have the Sunburst version of this guitar this is the surf green and there’s also a red transparent finish available too

thank you so we are jumping back into the 50s and checking out this lovely 57 reissue strap for a long time Fender were doing 56 reissues but I think a lot of players really wanted a slightly Slimmer neck still with that V profile and this 57 style soft v is really really lovely in the hands this one features an older body but you can get it in a vintage blonde finish with an ash body or if you like the sound of older there’s also a seafoam green too it has 57 voice pickups and something that they’ve they’ve done for a little while now which I really like on the Vintage reissue series is having a cold ground steel block as well giving it a little bit more mass and a bit more sustain

okay now for the last guitar we’re jumping back into the 60s with this 1961 reissue strap and I think this really will be the jewel in the crown for the defender American Vintage 2 lineup they’re going to be offering this in three different colors that will be in the the three color Summers like I’m holding here it’ll be an Olympic White and a color that we adore here at the shop Fiesta red I think that’s going to be so so popular with the players unlike the 63 Telly we were checking out earlier this one has a slab rose with fretboard but still with the clay dots in there too the neck profile on this specific model will be a 61 medium C

so there is the brand new American Vintage 2 Series I really really love this series and I think Fender really hit the nail on the head with this players and vintage aficionados really wanted to get back to those year-specific models where the American original series was kind of bits of the decade put together and they were really nice guitars but you know Frost vintage guys we really really love those year specific models what I think this could really open us up to as well is where they’ve done this vintage reissue series it does mean that maybe they’ll bring back the hot rod series as well so you can have these guitars vintage style but with some Modern refinements as well on top of what they’ve already done so you might get some flatter fretboard radiuses locking tuners and some hotter pickups but let’s wait and find out as always the links will be in the description below so if you want to find out any more about these incredible guitars or any of the other guitars in the series as well we haven’t mentioned today then make sure you get on our website and check them out thanks for watching


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