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Nestled among the great American acoustic guitar brands you’ll find Guild, the classic singer-songwriter instrument of choice. Handmade guitars at their finest with the credentials to articulate any song when the creativity flows.

Looking back at the rich history of this iconic American guitar company established in Manhattan in 1952, it’s clear that under the stewardship of some of the biggest manufacturers in the business such as Fender and, more recently, Cordoba, Guild has acclimatised and thrived under shifting corporate structures.

Guild’s founder, Alfred Dronge partnered with ex-vice president of Epiphone, George Mann resulting in the first production run of both flattop and archtop Guild guitars commencing in 1953. Over the decades, many artists have chosen Guild to represent their acoustic voice. Esteemed players such as Paul Simon with his Guild F-30 and Pete Townsend with his Guild F-512 as well as Tom Petty, Alice In Chains, Slash, Goo Goo Dolls, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Doyle Dykes. Many players look to Guild for a vibrant, dynamic approach to acoustic tone as was famously demonstrated at Woodstock by Richie Havens on a Guild D-40.

Today, higher-end Guild acoustic guitars are hand-built in Oxnard, California, USA while the more affordable Guild Westerly Collection are expertly crafted in China, their identity unique in an often cluttered and noisy marketplace.

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