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Battle Of The 5W Combo Amps (They Pack a Punch!)

Adam Leaver: June 22, 2023
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Today’s video goes to show that one does not need a vast, hissing Marshall stack to get great tone! Watch the video to discover which small amp is right for you.

Full Transcript

don’t buy a small combo amp before watching this

Hi Sam from Guitar Village here and today we’re going to have a small amp shootout so I set the criteria we’ve got these three amps behind me and we’ve gone for five watt combos that have a 110 inch speaker in them all of these are valve so we’re going to get a really really good comparison we’re going to look at the different price points to see how they Stack Up see what ones have got good features which ones work well on a clean sound and which work best on a distortion sound as well so let’s get started what’s up

yeah first up we’re checking the fender 68 custom Vibra champ Reverb rolls off the tongue so this is a silver face style amp that Fender had brought back and made a couple of tweaks to so this one is fitted out with a 10 inch celestion speaker it’s got two 12×7 preamp tubes and one 6v6 power amp tube out the three this is the most expensive so let’s see how it Stacks up and see if this one really does set the Benchmark in terms of the controls it’s a pretty simple layout you’ve got volume travel bass Reverb and speed and intensity for the vibrato unit

okay so a little bit on the loud side when you get it overdriven which is one thing that I think might be an exciting factor for people checking out these amps so you don’t have like the option of a preamp drive like you do with the other two amps so if you want to get it to overdrive you’re really going to have to crank it up but it is a great sound when you do get it that loud um the Reverb on it is is really lights on so it’s like classic Fender amp volume used to be where you used to just turn it and be like half of one is like full volume so I think that’s something that that’s really cool I think you can get loads and loads of Reverb off of this it is a bit bright the Reverb so I think some people are going to really like that it’s going to work for some styles of music but maybe not suit everyone and I really like the uh the tremolo circuit in there as well vibrato whichever you prefer so let’s check out the next app

next up we’re checking our mid price point in the Cornell traveler 5. it’s also the largest of the three amps we’re going to check out today it’s got a 10 inch celestion custom mod speaker in there it’s got a 12ax7 preamp tube and an el84 output tube in there it’s got a four-way attenuation which goes from 5 Watts all the way down to 0.05 Watts you’ve got a preamp volume master volume tone control and a clean mean switch too let’s have a listen to it [Music] okay so very very different sound from the 68 Viber champ we were just checking out this is a really kind of nice sound if you want that classic I think it’s almost like a uh it’s like an early Tweed sort of sound like it’s being pushed really hard you know you can almost like hear the speaker just wants to break up in there as well um it doesn’t have Reverb like the other two amps we’re gonna check out so that may be a factor for some people and I think that you know the the bigger cabinet size well I think it helps you know improve the sound in some ways I think that may be affects you know if you’re going to be taking this amp around you know if you have guitar lessons or you teach guitar lessons or you want to take it to small practices Studio recordings things like that and take it around I think that is going to be a consideration for some people

the long stamp we’re going to check out is also the cheapest amp as well this is the supro Delta King 10 in the Tweed finish they also offer it in a black and white finish too this one is fitted with a supro custom 10 inch speaker in there it’s got a 12ax7 preamp tube and a 6v6 output tube in there the control layout on top is a little bit more versatile than the other two amps so you’ve got a master volume preamp volume treble a base control a Reverb control as well and on top of that you’ve got a boost function and also a drive switch as well to increase the gain on the back you’ve got a foot switch input and a line out for recording

okay so you may have noticed this one is a bit more gainier than the other two it’s uh it’s pretty good in that sense I think you’re going to be able to get a kind of more modern Distortion than the other two out of it I really think that this is the most versatile of the three as well because the clean sound on it is very very big and I think it’s got some elements of like a fender type clean in there as well the overdrive is slightly tweedish but it’s a little bit more refined and modern than that and the price point being the cheapest of the three I think for me this is the pick of the bunch so after spending a little bit of time with all three of these amps I’ve got a really good idea of how I think they stack up I’m sure you do too from listening to them I must admit for me I think the Cornell you know being the biggest of the three I think some people might have that as a consideration because they may not want you know to carry an amp this big around whereas the Vibra champ does seem a little bit smaller um and the supro kind of at similar sort of Realms speaking of the supro I think that definitely has the most features I really like the way the Reverb works on it I love the way that the the Reverb sounds on the Vibra chat but it is a bit brighter and I don’t think that will suit everyone’s playing but the cool thing is it does have the vibranto in it as well so for any of you that want those classic Fender tones that’s really going to hit the nail on the head the call now I think has that kind of classic Tweed Fender sound the sound that a lot of people are going to like if they want to get some you know almost like stonesy claps and kind of early sounds in there the suit Pro was probably the most versatile out of the three and you know having the option like the Cornell did of being able to get both Power Amp overdrive and preamp overdrive if you want to keep it quiet anyway and they’re really well suited to that if you you want to find out any more about these amps all the links will be below in the description and if you want to find out any more about this lovely Murphy lab Les Paul I’ve been using check it out there too speaking of this Murphy lab this is an incredible instrument it’s so nice to play I think most players will feel really at home with this I mean it is a bit Hefty on the price table when you pick these up you will not want to put them down anyway thanks for watching goodbye


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