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PRS SE DGT First Look!

Adam Leaver: June 22, 2023
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Full Transcript

Hi Sam from Guitar Village here and today I’m dead shaft as we have one of these brand new PRS SCD GTS to check out well actually I say we’ve got one we have two we have this gold top finish with the moon inlays and we also have the McCarty tobacco Sunburst with the bird inlays to have a look at as well so before we get into the specs and so on let’s have a look and see how we got to this model

so for about best part of 20 years or so PRS have been offering a dgt signature model and this really came out of the core model McCarthy they were doing which David wanted really his own specs on and he kept tweaking and changing things and wanting to get the voicing of the pickups absolutely perfect that Paul decided that actually it was time to make him a signature model now 20 years on we now have the SE model which is a really great thing because what PRS have done is they’ve worked in closely with David Grissom and really fine-tuned this guitar he said that you know he wanted it to be perfect so that he could be 100 proud to put his name on this guitar and I can definitely see why he’s checked these guitars out once they’re built they actually go to the US Factory and they check everything you know there’s guys there that will check the setup to make sure they’re set up to PRS specs there’s another guy there who’s like the head of engineering who will kind of strip the guitar down and measure everything internally to make sure that they’re absolutely spot on or at least as close as they can be realistically and there’s there’s even some really really good videos from PRS guitars on these so you should definitely check them out if you’re interested in finding out a little bit more about this model to be honest with you I played a lot of the dgt models and this is surprisingly close

okay so let’s talk about the specs on these guitars then so let’s start with the back the obvious place so we have a mahogany body with a mahogany neck keeping true to most PRS designs they have gone for a 10 inch fretboard radius and a 25 inch scale length you’ve got a maple cap on there with a rosewood fretboard the tremolo is prs’s own patented tremolo you’ve got PRS design tuning keys because it’s a Dave Grissom signature you get the dgt truss rod cover on there as I said as this is the gold top this one has the Moon inlays now the electrics and this is where it gets really interesting with this guitar so the pickups in here are the dgts pickups in both positions and these were meticulously voiced on the USA ones which were also meticulously voiced to Dave grissom’s own specs he wanted something with a real vintage voice to it you do get a coil tap just pull up the tone control there you have two volume controls one for each pickup and a three-way selector switch so the reason that PRS chose really to do the gold top version this is because Dave grissom’s favorite signature model the dgt the one he uses the most is his gold top and when they were designing it they actually got him and they took measurements of the neck so they can get absolutely spot on so they had a video call with Dave when he was opening the box so he could check out the first model they wanted to see his reactions to it and he was playing the guitar and he initially he was like yeah this thing is great you know it’s just like my original gold top except when I get up to the 12th fret it’s ever so slightly wider and the guys at PRS had a spec sheet with all the measurements of the guitar they’d had made and sent to him and it turns out it was two thousandths of an inch wider so we’re talking about less than a width of paper wider at the 12th fret and he could notice that so it’s really really spot on with the original I think this is an excellent guitar for any fans of dgt out there or anyone that’s just a fan of a really nice guitar you’re going to absolutely love this and I think this has come at a great time because you know if the USA core model was just a little bit of a step too far for you I think this one is going to be priced perfectly I love playing the guitar it’s nice it’s pretty lightweight as well so it’s going to resonate really nicely super playable the Frets are kind of like medium jumbo size I don’t think PR’s give an exact spec on the Frets and it stays in tune really well you’ve got a great tremolo on there some great vintage voice pickups and you get the addition of the call tab as well to get some extra tones from it so if you’re thinking about checking out one of these guitars I urge you pop down to the shop and we’ve got them in stock and give them a go


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