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PRS Have Finally Done It! | SE McCarty 594 at Guitar Village

Adam Leaver: June 22, 2023

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players have been screaming for these models for years and PRS have finally brought them out let’s check out the brand new PRS SC McCarty 594

Hi Sam from Guitar Village here and today at Center Stage we are checking out the brand new SE McCarty 594 from PRS now this is a guitar that I think PRS have been thinking about for quite some time they did a USA version which is still currently in production started doing it maybe around five years ago and this is a really really cool guitar so let’s get into it and see what it’s like

the USA McCarthy 594s originally came out as Paul’s way of kind of you know tipping his hat towards the early gold top sound or you know the late 50s burst layers pull sound so what you’ve got is a guitar that has a lot of vintage vibe to it but with a lot of modern refinements as well now the USA McCarthy 594s are pretty expensive and you know now it’s great that PRS have decided to finally release an SE version you know this is pretty affordable it’s getting towards you know the top end of the Korean prices even entry level for some of the USA made guitars so let’s see what you get for your money [Music] so up front we’ve got a flame Maple veneer and behind that we’ve got mahogany body and mahogany net the bound fingerboard is made of Rosewood and it has bird inlays we’ve got vintage style tuners and a vintage style bridge on there the electrics feature two of prs’s 5815 LTS pickups you’ve got two volumes two tones with a three-way switch plus you’ve got call splits for each of the pickups too to make this really playable they’ve gone for that original Gibson 24.594 inch scale length it’s got a 10 inch fretboard radius and a 1116 nut width so what’s really interesting about the scale length on these models is that when we talk about those kind of late 50s bursts that you know the 594 is based off all of those had a scale length of 24.594 as opposed to the kind of modern Gibson 24 and three quarters and I think this really makes a difference to the way the guitar feels and responds to your playing too [Music] foreign

so the model I have here is the standard McCarthy se594 this is in the vintage sunburst finish you can also have this as a single cut model if you want to kind of go more for that LP Style also you can have this as an all mahogany model the one I have right here it’s gorgeous looking in the Vintage Cherry so this is pretty much the same guitar but all mahogany and you can also have this in a really nice McCarty Sunburst too

so after spending a little bit of time with this model I’ve been really impressed I think it’s a really nice vibrant and resonant guitar when you hold single notes out you can really tell that there’s you know just such a nice kind of Bloom to those notes saying that I think all kind of players want when they look at this style of guitar now this will be available in three different colors the one I’m holding here is the vintage sunburst there’s also Black Gold burst and Faded blue and to be honest I don’t think the question should be whether or not you should buy one of these guitars but which color you should get I really enjoyed getting to know these new PRS SE McCarthy 594 models and I hope you enjoyed watching the video as well if you get chance pop down to the shop and give them a try out you won’t be disappointed anyway thanks for watching


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