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Pedal Talk – The Marshall The Guv’nor Pedal

Adam Leaver: June 23, 2023
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Full Transcript

Hi Sam from Guitar Village here and today we are checking out the Vintage reissue Marshall the governor pedal let’s open it up and take a look inside now you may notice that the box is a little bit Relic this is just one of Marshall’s demo models so if you do buy one you will get a brand new box with it wow look at that so these original panels the uh the ones that Marshall used to do are exactly the same as these ones they’ve copied everything down to a t the circuits were just from their old designs and drawings and this pedal looks great this is the first amp in a box pedal as well now let’s take a look around this so we’ve got really nice uh nice range of controls gain level and then you’ve got a three band EQ so you can really shape the tone on the top here you’ve got an input an output your power input and a loop option so if you have a y cable and you want to put another pedal in the chain when you turn the pedal on it will actually connect something like a delay or whatever you want to put into there at the same time so it’s a really cool option so we’ve had a good look at this pedal now let’s have a listen to it and see how it sounds so we’ve got the pedal hooked up let’s have a listen to the amp set clean

so there’s some of the sounds on board the Marshall the governor pedal I think this is a great sounding pedal it really is an amp in a box there’s tons of gain on board and there’s a lot of EQ shaping as well you could really hear with some of the playing there that the bass the middle and the treble controls really really shaped that and we’re quite extreme at each end of the setting I think Marshall have done a great job reissuing this pedal and you know they haven’t made this pedal for a long time so it’s really nice that they put the time into it to bring back a pedal I think everyone loves and misses if you want to find out any more about this panel the link will be in the description below or better still get down to the shop and give one a try for yourself thanks for watching


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