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Pedal Talk – The Marshall Drive Master Pedal

Adam Leaver: June 23, 2023
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Full Transcript

Hi Sam from Guitar Village here and today we are checking out the Marshall Vintage reissue Drive Master now you’ll probably notice the box is a little bit weathered here this is just a demo model from Marshall let’s open it up and have a look inside

and wow there it is the drive master so Marshall are reissuing four of their original pedals and this and the governor are actually pretty much the same pedal but it doesn’t have the effects Loop that the governor has on it they’re going to be hand built in the UK using exactly the same circuits as the originals and in fact these will be about as close to the originals as you can possibly get the only thing they’ve changed is the supplier for the potentiometers and the input jacks let’s plug it in and have a listen to it we’ve got the pedal hooked up to our house Cornell Romany 12 we’re using a fender strat for some of the tones so let’s hear the clean sound first

so there’s some of the tones on board the brand new Drive Master reissue this is a great sounding pedal and something that I noticed when I was playing with some of the controls on there is that the gain control is probably the most powerful tool on there it’s got such a sweep of game and then when you go to the base it’s still got quite a lot of movement there and it gets more subtle as you go along the pedal so the treble is is definitely the most subtle of the three band EQ there I think Marshall had done a great job reusing this pedal and I think guitar players are going to absolutely love them if you want to find out any more about this panel the link will be in the description below I better still get down to the shop and give one a try for yourself thanks for watching


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