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Pedal Talk – The Marshall Shred Master Pedal

Adam Leaver: June 23, 2023
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Full Transcript

Hi Sam from Guitar Village here and today we are checking out the brand new Marshall Vintage reaction shred Master pedal now you’ll probably notice already the box is a little bit weather worn but don’t worry this is just a marshall demo model if you do order one you will get a brand new box and there it is the Marshall shred master so Marshall have brought out four vintage reissue pedals this is the only one of the four that features a contour control on it so it works in Reverse when it’s turned all the way down there you’ve got the most mids on board and as you turn it up it Contours out some of the mids and kind of gives you that scoop sound it’s a really cool looking little panel just like the original ones were and speaking of those Originals I don’t know if you checked prices on them recently but they are shooting up so Marshall reissuing these is a really really great thing for guitar players let’s go ahead and plug it in and see how it sounds so we’ve got the pedal hooked up to our house Cornell Romney 12 and we’re using a fender strap let’s have a listen to it clean first

sounds from The Shred master I think that’s a really really shapable panel there the Contour control just changed the whole feel of the pedal so much and the treble and bass controls are quite interactive as well it’s got some volume boost on there but it wasn’t as Extreme as some other pedals and the gain on board even with single calls was was pretty gnarly on there there was quite a lot on tap and I think if you’ve used buckets with that it’s going to really really get saturated if you want to find out any more about this pedal the link will be in the description below or better still get down to the shop and give one a try for yourself thanks for watching


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