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A Cornell Romany 12 Like No Other! | Guitar Village

Adam Leaver: June 23, 2023
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Full Transcript

Guitar Village here and today we have had a really really cool delivery so right next to me in this box is a brand new Romany 12 now I’m sure you’re already thinking we’ve seen the Romany 12 it’s your usual House app well you would be wrong because we have decided to go for a custom finish on this one and after spending some time talking to Dennis Cornell and you know seeing what options he had available and what we thought we would like we have gone for a very very cool black Tweed so let’s get out the box and check it out [Music] okay so the guys they’ve already unsealed this box and taken the amp out before I even got to it because they wanted to take pictures of it apparently but straight away this is looking great let’s get it out the bag and check it out [Music] look at that that is looking absolutely killer yeah we wanted something just a bit different from the usual you know Tweed finish that we had so it’s still it’s still a Tweed kind of finish and it’s still got that texture but it’s all lovely and black and it’s all glossed up as well so it’s got this nice lack of look to it this is going to sound great let’s plug it in and check it out

plugged in and warmed up now I’m gonna have a quick play through it using this uh really really lovely uh this is a Master Built Carl McMillan strap we just had this one in I think this is absolutely gorgeous in NBA perfect guitar to put this Cornell through its paces

not bad okay so there are the clean tones on the amp now we’re gonna push this amp into overdrive and see what it can do so what I’ve got is I’ve got the amp set pretty flat so everything is a kind of noon there so let’s uh try dropping the output down

so that’s on B back to a

C so this is really where you’re going to start to get the proper Overdrive

not bad either so there is our very special Romany 12 in Black Tweed I want to say a big thanks to Dennis Cornell as well I think he really knocked out the part with this amp and with that finish too and also I think Carl McMillan did a great job with this strap thanks for watching


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