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Pedal Talk – The Boss SD-1W Waza Craft SUPER OverDrive

Adam Leaver: June 22, 2023
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Full Transcript

Hi Sam from Guitar Village here and today we are checking out the boss sd1w this is based off the original sd1 which came out in 1981 and this is a kind of hot rodded version if you like of the pedal just open it up and have a look inside

you can see we get some some owners manual some marketing stuff in there and the pedal neatly wrapped in its little bag

okay so here it is the new Wasa craft version the sd-1w it’s a really really simplistic control layout you’ve got the level on the left hand side here that adjusts the overall volume of the pedal so you may want to change this up if you’re using maybe single coils or humbucking pickups as you know the outputs are a little bit louder or quiet so depending on what pickups you prefer you’ve got the tone control there should you make it brighter or darker and on the far right hand side we have the drive pedal to adjust the amount of overdrive the pedal has coming out of it in the middle here they have their new Option so on the the left hand side the S side that stands for stock and this is pretty much the original sd1 circuit and then when you go over to the the other side the the seaside that stands for custom and that’s their new revised kind of all analog circuit in there and it just changes up the way the game and the tone responds as well as with all boss pedals it’s really simple in terms of your plugins and things so on the top here you’ve got your power input on the right hand side that’s your guitar input the output which goes to your amplifier is on the left hand side and then the battery is housed just inside the foot control there so let’s plug this thing in and see how it sounds okay so we have the pedal hooked up to our house Corner lamp we’re using a PRS Custom 24 so let’s hear some clean playing straight into the amp first

all right so after listening to that you can really hear how much difference the controls make I mean the drive it doesn’t quite get super clean like you find with some overdrive pedals um you know when it’s on the the minimum setting there’s still a little bit of a push to it but you know you can really hear how extreme this control makes it and the tone actually really shapes the sound you know when I turn it all the way up to the uh the the full output of the tone it was really really shrill and bright um and then when you turn it down you know it gets really nice and warm level control gives you quite a bit of um movement over the the overall volume so if you wanted to push an amp that’s already overdriving or you want it as a solo boost it’s going to be a really good option as always the link will be in the description if you want to check out any more about this panel and if you can get down and give one a try thanks for watching


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