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Pedal Talk – The PRS Horsemeat Transparent Overdrive

Adam Leaver: June 22, 2023
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Full Transcript

Hi Sam from Guitar village and today we are checking out the PRS horse meat transparent overdrive pedal let’s open this box up and take a look at it wow what a cool looking pedal so PRS this is their their first kind of line of guitar pedals they brought three of them out they have uh Mary cries and wind through the trees as well so let’s just take a second to have a look at this so really nice simple control layout I love having the gain on the top there I think that’s really cool so you can just almost adjust that on the Fly on the back here you’ve got standard four screws for changing the battery and on the top panel here you can see you’ve got standard ins and outs and your power supply input there too so let’s plug it in and have a listen to it

okay so it’s sounding really nice that pedal you can really hear the the kind of responsiveness of the controls there so in the box we have a a manual to go with this and this has a few sample settings so we’ve got Paul’s uh favorite setting in there and then a couple of others but let’s have a look at Paul’s one let’s set the controls to that and see how it sounds

there’s some of the onboard sounds the pedal has to offer and after listening to that you can hear that with this pedal well some overdrive pedals or some pedals in general have this really kind of sculptable EQ this one as it’s a transparent overdrive and in keeping with that Spirit have made these controls a little bit more subtle so while you can hear turning the bass up and the treble up does adjust it slightly it’s not that extreme the gain control on the other hand does go from really clean to you know really saturated The Voice Control in this case kind of changed the overall feel of the pedal and I think it’s going to be something that people who are playing through this are going to notice it more than maybe the people listening to it so you’re going to feel the difference a lot more there PRS have done a really really nice job making this pedal I think it’s in a really really nice housing and it’d be really interesting to find out what players tend to favor these as well if you want to find out any more about the horse meat panel the link will be in the description below for the sound samples we were going into our house Cornell Roman E12 using a PRS McCarty 594 thanks for watching


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