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Martin Custom Shop: North Street Edition

Adam Leaver: June 22, 2023
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In today’s video, Sam takes us through Martin Custom Shop’s latest creation: the North Street Edition. Seeking to capture the feel and spirit of the idolized “bone Martins” of the pre-war era, these limited edition instruments are exclusive to the UK and Ireland. How do they stand up? Watch the video to find out!

Full Transcript

have Martin knocked it out the park with this series let’s find out

Sam from Guitar Village here and today we’re proud to introduce the brand new Martin Custom Shop North Street editions let’s take a look at them so these new North Street guitars are essentially based on the early 30s Golden Era mountains made at the original North Street Factory while these guitars aren’t replicas they are a serious nod to the past and to try and capture some of the sound and Vibe they’ve added some aesthetic appointments to make them look slightly vintage and they’ve also fitted these with Adirondack Red Spruce tops and Golden Era style bracing this series is director of the Martin Custom Shop here at The Cutting Edge of guitar design they also get the finest tonewoods to use as well before we look at each model in depth let’s talk about what they all share in common so each one has a black ebony fretboard and Bridge they’ve got an age toner top with a tinted Rosette they’ve also got a compensated bone saddle and a bone nut too and they’re all supplied with a five-ply geeb wooden hard case all the Rosewood models in this series have a herringbone top inlay while the 218 series feature a sinker mahogany back inside let’s check out this hd35 I’ve been holding so this is the most limited one in the lot they only made 10 of these and it features a really gorgeous looking Wild Grain East Indian Rosewood three-piece back it’s also the only model in the series to have neck binding and graduated Dot inlays

next up we’re checking the D28 out now this is another one that features a wild grain East Indian Rosewood back and sides on it and you can really see from this that it has a lot more figuring than the Standard East Indian Rosewood which they will offer on the other model this one will be limited to 30 pieces and features the diamond and square inlays let’s check it out

next up we’re checking out the Martin d18 and while the guitar is one of the most simplistic looking in this lineup it still brings the tone so have a listen to it

so we’re done with the dreadnoughts now we’re checking out some of the baby models the OM series the one I’ve got in front of me here this is the om28 and this one also features that gorgeous looking Wild Grain East Indian Rosewood let’s have a listen to it

so the last Model we’re going to check out today is this this is the om18 this is gorgeous looking and as I mentioned earlier this one features the Sinker mahogany back and sides a lovely sounding tone wood and like I said with the d18 it’s simplistic but it sounds incredible

so you’ll notice that I only talked about five of the different models of missed out both the om-28 and the D28 now the only reason I did that is because you really got two options there and as you can see from the back of each of these om-28s this is the Wild Grain East Indian Rosewood and this is the standard kind of plainer grain East Indian Rosewood and I didn’t think it was worth playing each one just because they sound so close I think what you’re really after with this is that gorgeous look whereas this one is a bit more of a typical kind of pinstripe looking Rosewood so there are the brand new Martin Custom Shop North Street Edition guitars if you want to check out any more about these incredible guitars the links will be in the description below take care


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