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New in at Guitar Village – The Eastman Juliet

Adam Leaver: June 22, 2023
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Today, Sam checks out the brand new offset solid body: the Juliet. The companion piece to Eastman’s popular semi-hollow Romeo model, does the Juliet live up to the hype?

Full Transcript

is this the dawn of a new era for Eastman guitars let’s find out

Hi Sam from Guitar Village here today we’ve got an exciting new line of Eastman guitars in to check out the companion to the Romeo La the Juliet available in three new models we’re going to talk about some of the spec on each one and having a play on each one let’s get started to each of these models let’s have a look at what they all have in common with the specification so they’ve all got a lightweight akumi body and neck they’ve got an ebony fretboard on there they featured go-to Hardware so you’ve got these really cool looking vintage style tuners and then a more traditional Gibson style Stop Bar and tailpiece has a three-way position switch just like a Telly which is fitted to a really nice looking inlaid pick guard and control plate you’ve got two volumes one for each pickup and then a tone control which in this case isn’t a master tone control it just works on the bridge pickup which I think is a really nice touch you’ve got 22 wide medium Frets making it very playable it’s got a 25 and a half inch scale length with a 12 inch fingerboard radius you’ve also got a 1 11 16th and upwards so this is going to feel very familiar to a lot of players all these guitars come with a padded Eastman gig bag but you can have a hard case as an optional upgrade now let’s take a look at each of the colors so the model I’ve been holding is the Pomona blonde finish this is a little bit of a nod to the Mary K type design where you’ve got that blonde finish but it’s translucent so you can see the wood grain through it this one is kitted out with bare knuckle Old Guard humbuckers let’s have a listen to it

we’re checking out is the antique varnish black finish this has had Eastman’s Relic treatment done to it it features the same bare knuckle pickups as in the Pomona Blonde one but it’s also got its own USA B5 Bixby as well

the last one we’re going to check out is the vintage red finish this one just like the Pomona blonde has Eastman’s true tone gloss lacquer on it but what makes this one different is that it’s got black pick Garden control plate there and it features bare knuckle low wind P90s

so I’ve spent a bit of time with these guitars now and before they turn up I’d seen pictures on the internet of them read up on the specs which is all well and good but I was thinking you know what players are going to want to use these guitars and you know I think each one has its own personality the P90s in this you know there’s really going to be for someone that loves something like a Les Paul special you know someone who’s maybe into like old school blues rock or Punk something like that it’s going to be spot on for them you know but they don’t want to go down the Gibson route they want to go for something with its own personality

now the white one was kind of the most interesting one for me and I don’t know why but I was kind of getting some 80s Vibes off this one you know I can really see this one being used for kind of like hard rock things like that but you know with these pickups you can kind of get almost any sound you want

I think is really interesting because when I saw it I kind of had some ideas about what I thought the guitar was about but spending a bit of time with it there is a lot of sounds on board however I think for me if I was getting this I would just use this for rockabilly I think the Bixby works really well I think it’s just got a great vibe to it

so at the start of the video I asked the question is this the dawn of a new era for Eastman guitars and the answer is absolutely they brought out the Romeos a while back and they were part of that but they were a semi-hollow whereas this is their first solid body guitar that has their own design up until now they were doing sort of Italian cheap coffees and it’s like almost direct copies of some traditional Martins and Gibsons whereas this it’s their own thing you know there’s some touches from some traditional designs in there but I think this thing is absolutely unique


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