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Could This Affect Your Next Gibson Purchase?? | Guitar Village

Adam Leaver: June 22, 2023
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I can’t believe how similar these two sound

Hi Sam from Guitar Village here over the years of working here at the shop I must have set up thousands of different Gibson guitars I’ve bought tons of them played tons of them and there’s always been this Burning question in the back of my mind how different do each of the models actually sound so today we have got five different Gibson shapes we’re going to compare them and see how different each one sounds let’s get into it [Music] thank you so the first of the five guitars we’re going to be listening to is this it’s a Gibson custom shot 58 reissue Les Paul you can see it’s quite a lovely plane top on here this is in the iced tea finish it’s got mahogany back Maple top and a mahogany neck and crucially it’s fitted with two humbuckers

for the SG I have chosen a 64 Murphy Library issue this is in Pelham Blue this is an ultra light age so it’s got some really nice lack of checking on there and some kind of subtle pattern too

for great comparison I’ve chosen an Explorer as well this is a 58 reissue with Karina Woods throughout and a rosewood fretboard [Music] in the semi-holley department I’ve gone for a 1959 reissue es355 in the lovely watermelon finish [Music]

to be really fair to this test I’ve gone for a fully Hollow Gibson this one’s still equipped with humbuckers this is an es150 DW

there was some clean playing examples of each of the guitars we’re using the neck handbucker going into the clean channel on the Black Star St James amp listening back to them I would say the SG was certainly the brightest then the Explorer and then really interestingly the 355 and then the Les Paul and then the es150 the fully Hollow guitar although when I was listening back to the es150 the bass notes are really really big and prominent but when you hit the middle notes that mid-range kind of Fizzles out a little bit now let’s hear these overdriven foreign [Music] so we’ve compared these five guitars now and I’m sure listening to them you’ve got an opinion on how you think each one may sound I’d love to hear that so put it in the comments below personally I thought they were pretty close there were some subtle differences in there so I would say when you’re looking to buy a Gibson guitar firstly go for the one you think looks the best and then get down to a shop and play a few because these all feel really different to play they all react slightly different to your playing as well and I think that’s a really big part of the consideration when looking at any Gibson guitar the other thing I would think about is application if you’re someone that plays loud plays live a lot I think the es150 is going to really feedback a lot and to an extent the 355 as well so you may want to consider going for one of these solid bodies if you want a bit more heft the Les Paul is a great option we really enjoyed making this video and we hope you enjoyed watching it we’ll be bringing out new videos on a regular basis so make sure you hit the Subscribe button now to stay up to date with latest content thanks for watching


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