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Centre Stage – Fenech Guitars | The Aussies Have Done It Again!!

Adam Leaver: June 22, 2023
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hi guys Adam here from Guitar Village and I’m very excited today to be presenting to you a brand new lineup of guitars that we’ve never stocked here at GV before they’re very special guitars very modern very playable and yeah it’s my pleasure to bring them to you today so what makes them so special what are they let’s get into it

so the guitars I was talking about in the intro there they are these beautiful fennec Acoustics all the way from the Gold Coast of Australia initially established in 2016 by Aaron fennick these guitars are really something else and a bit of a departure from your usual acoustic um well sets them apart is the use of native tone Woods to Australia they’re a little bit more unusual and not necessarily uh so widely known um Aaron fennick studied carpentry he studied engineering and environmental science university and has a bit of a unique take on what really goes into making a good acoustic guitar so yeah something a bit refreshing something a bit new let’s take a little look at some individual models and see how we get on okay so fenik have a variety of different guitar shapes uh that they put out and with us at the moment we’ve got a couple of the different ones we’ve got Grand Auditorium guitars we’ve got the stage auditorium at the back there and a couple of their dreadnoughts with a cutaways as well that they call the d78 now fenik really are all about the art of guitar making as they say on their website and so you can guarantee that every detail of these guitars is going to have been poured over uh by a small uh independent team out there in Australia um so we’re going to take a quick look at some of the uh the grand Auditorium guitars here just because a lot of the different ranges from fennec come with different tone Woods on and as I said at the intro a lot of the time that they choose are native to Australia and are also a little bit unusual um so the initial range they have is called the VT range this stands for volume and tone just because some of the initial feedback that Aaron fenney got from his guitars was all about the volume and tone and the sustain that you could get off of his instruments and that’s their their initial range their first tier as they call it and what characterizes these guitars is just a solid tone Woods that they’re made from so some of the VT range are back here so we’ve got some that are made from Mahogany back and sides all with a thicker Spruce top as well across the range we’ve got Blackwood Australian Blackwood which has been used extensively by maton for example and you see other brands using it as well these days and you also have a choice of camp for Laurel back and sides on the VT range as well camp for Laurel is a is a very unusual Choice it’s not really widely used in instrument making and it’s primarily used in furniture making because of the really interesting grain that you can get off of camphor Laurel it is however a non-native species to Australia and is known to be quite an aggressive and destructive plant that sort of replaces native Native vegetation and so fenik have started to use it in a bit of an effort to reclaim some of the more native species I suppose um has quite a mid-heavy sound with a lot of bass in there as well so it’s quite it’s kind of similar to Mahogany I suppose so next up we have the second here and that is the vth range so volume tone and hardwood and all that means is that the guitars are made from One Tone wood uh Without A variation in the top and the back and sides so for example we’ve got some in the Blackwood some of the dreadnoughts that we’ll show you later uh all solid Blackwood so on the third tip you’ve got the vtp guitars and this is volume tone professional instruments from fennec and what characterizes these guitars is that you go up a grade in the tone wood so everything from VT and vth have a double a gray tone woods and it’s a vtp you start to get your AAA grade tone with so we start to really see an increase uh in the quality of the tone Woods as we go up and then last but not least you have your fourth tier and this is vtpr from uh from Fenix so that’s volume tone professional Rosewood guitars and of course this just means you get your East Indian Rosewood back and sides uh very expensive very sought after very premium tone wood okay so we’re going to do a bit of a comparison between some of the guitars here just to show off the difference says in the tone Woods we’re going to take a look at some of their grand auditoriums to do that and I’d look at the dreadnoughts as well a bit later on so let’s get into it

I think what makes them quite so special is just how easy they are to play they’re really lovely sounding guitars really nice and bright sounding across the board but with a really articulate and heavy bass in there as well just a really nicely balanced sound all across I think a personal favorite for me has been the camp for Laurel models that we’ve tried out and so this uh Grand Auditorium for example with the camp for Laurel back and sides you can see a really striking grain but also a really crisp sound that again just has a lot of volume a lot of tone as you’d expect from the name but a lot of sustain as well and just makes for a really lovely playing experience so I think the people are going to be most interested in these sorts of guitars are those that are really looking for something a bit different and for something a bit more modern as well so perhaps acoustic players that are more inclined towards Brands like Taylor for example or larave those brighter sounding more modern feeling guitars it’s definitely a forward-looking brand with the alternative tone Woods as we’ve mentioned and also the each guitar comes with a really nice Phenix a1g pickup on there which just serves the nice modern sound that we get off of these guitars so that about wraps it up for today guys if you haven’t already please like And subscribe and as always our guitars will be listed in the description box below head over there and check out these awesome guitars from fennec uh we’ll see you next time thanks very much for watching


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