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Centre Stage – The Gibson Custom Shop 1964 ES-335 | Guitar Village | The ULTIMATE Gibson ES-335!?

Adam Leaver: June 22, 2023
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Hi Sam from Guitar Village here this week for Center Stage I’ve chosen this Gibson 1964 es335 reissue this is in the VLS finish and the 60s cherry now the reason I’ve chosen this is because really it’s my favorite guitar I think it’s one of the most versatile guitars even more so than a strat in some cases let’s check it out and delve into it so the reason that I particularly like these kind of 64 63 models the main reason is the net profile I think they’re so comfortable they’re a little bit chunkier than the earlier 60 ones I absolutely love the block inlays as well these are the small blocks as opposed to the bigger blocks you might see on the three five fives whereas some of the earlier 335s would have had dot inlays another thing that’s really useful with these as well is the nylon Saddles they take a little bit of the sting out the top end making the guitar a little bit easier to listen to when you’re on the bridge pickup and you’re playing up high on some of the travel notes on a cleaner tone one of the the next biggest things as well really for me is the color you know during the late 50s when they started introducing the 335 it was kind of Sunburst and natural and then when they got into the 60s they started doing this lovely Cherry finish and I think it really allows the grain to pop and makes the guitar look absolutely stunning

I spoke a little bit about this guitar being really versatile earlier and to be honest with me I think this is one of the most versatile guitars out there even more so than maybe a fender strap the reason I think that is because it does say that the Strat doesn’t do that well and that’s jazz

it also makes a really good Funk sound as well can get some great blues rock tones from it too so for getting some of the tones today we were back using a Cornell Roman E12 and for the overdrive tones we’re using a stryman deco and an mxr Duke of tone pedal if you want to find out any more about these they will be linked in the description below for me this 335 is one of the most versatile guitars out there and it would definitely be my desert island guitar so definitely get down and check one out if you can if you however you think there is a more versatile guitar out there make sure you put it in the comments below thanks for watching


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