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Centre Stage – Eastman Semi Hollows | UNBELIEVABLE Value!

Adam Leaver: June 22, 2023
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Hi Sam from Guitar Village here and today we’re going to check out some Eastman semi-hollow models but before we get into those for the eagle-eyed viewer who’s seen the channel before you may have noticed that our house Cornell Romani 12 amp is no longer here someone bought it so while we’re waiting for a replacement we’ve gone for this black star St James 50 watt combo its build as the lightest 50 watt all valve combo you can get it’s got two 6l6s in the power amp section and two ECC 83s in the preamp section this is a great sounding app and it’s going to be perfect for today’s sound examples let’s get started before we get into the nitty-gritties of how these models differ let’s have a look at what these four guitars all have in common so I’m sure a lot of guitar players will be looking at this model right now and some of the others thinking they can see where the inspiration comes from and you’d be absolutely spot on we’ve got some very traditional appointments I think a lot of players will have the control layout on these it’s a simple three-way switch with two volumes and two tones we’ve got goto Hardware they’re all Maple laminate bodies Eastman do offer an excellent solid carve series as well in their semi-hollow line we’ve got an ebony fingerboard a maple neck interestingly with this one while they’ve kept with a 12 inch radius and a 24 and three quarter inch scale length they have gone for a one and three quarter inch nut width so let’s check the first model out

model into the series is this the t386 it’s in an antique red finish what you get here is two Kent Armstrong humbuckers you get a pretty plain Maple top there and the ebony fingerboard has dot inlays on it

okay the midpoint in this series is this model the t486 now this one has a really nice figured flame Maple top and back on it too you still get a lot of the same appointments it’s still a 16 inch wide body just like the t386 we were just looking at but this case we have got some Seymour Duncan upgraded pickups we have a 59 in the bridge and a jazz in the neck on the ebony fingerboard this time we’ve got split parallelogram inlays

okay so this is the t59v this is sort of top of the tree when it comes to the laminate Series this is an antique Amber finish so here what they’ve done is they’ve taken the t486 and kind of done some relicing to it so it’s got an antique varnish finish on there which I believe is hand rubbed so it’s a very thin finish they’ve upgraded the pickups to Seymour Duncan Antiquities really nice sounding pickups as you’re going to hear in just a moment all the hardware is go to just like the earlier models but what they’ve done this time is done some aging to it as well so this is going to be perfect for someone that wants kind of more of a vintage Vibe with the Guitar let’s see how it sounds foreign [Music] we’re going to take a side step now from the t59v we were just checking out as I said that was top of the tree really when it comes to the laminate Series so this is the t64v it’s in antique goldburst here we’ve got a USA Bixby B7 tremolo on there you can have models like this you can order them with a trapeze tailpiece instead should you prefer here we’ve got some P90s they’re Lola dog ear P90s which sound excellent and instead of the split parallelogram inlays they’re pretty much the same but not split let’s hear it [Music] I had a lot of fun checking out these eastmans today and out of the four models I tried I think the t486 for me was my favorite I do think though when people come in and try them they’re going to like them for different reasons when you look at these models I think they’re going to be ideal for someone who you know is looking at maybe a high-end 300 series guitar but you know they don’t want to spend the full money on getting maybe a Gibson like a new one or a vintage one and it’s going to be a great alternative you know if you’re not going to use it that much maybe you want to use it just for a little bit of studio recording or if you’re a gigging musician I think you’re going to find that taking one of these guitars to a gig you’re not going to be quite as scared as you would with a vintage 335 we really enjoyed making this video it was great having the Black Star St James down here it’s a super light combo black star even Billet is the lightest 50 watt all valve combo you can get all the gear used in today’s video will be linked in the description below and make sure you hit the Subscribe button now stay up to date with the latest content thanks for watching


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