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Pedal Talk – The Boss RE-2 Space Echo

Adam Leaver: June 22, 2023
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Full Transcript

Hi Sam from Guitar Village here and today we are checking out the boss re2 space Echo this is based on the original 1974 Roland re-201 space Echo and it’s actually the first time that boss have put this into their compact Series so it’s going to be really interesting to see this thing as always nice packaging from boss but for the moment let’s put all that out of the way and take a look at this you’ve got 11 different modes so this is the original Three Head configuration and you can get 11 different sound combinations from it we’ve got controls for Wow and flutter so that will adjust the authenticity of the old tape so it’ll make it sound like those kind of delays towards the end are really kind of melting away you’ve got repeat rate controls intensity and tone controls on the left hand side here we can select between the spring reverb control and the echo control as well on the top of the panel we’ve got a carryover on and off switch and for those of you who aren’t familiar with that what happens is if you have that turned off when you turn the pedal off the delay stop completely whereas if you have that selected as being on when you play your last note and turn the pedal off it will allow the delays to go on just a little bit longer you’ve got stereo inputs and outputs and even an expression pedal input as well you can also set the tempo by holding this pedal down as well now enough chat about it let’s get it plugged in and see how it sounds now we’ve got the pedal hooked up we’re going to take a listen to it as there’s so many different on-board sounds here there’s so many variations we’re going to do four different playing examples from the kind of most minimal of settings to the most extreme so you can hear how it sounds

[Music] so for example two we’ve added more heads into this we’ve added more intensity as well so you’re going to hear more delays coming in than just the initial slap back delay we’ve turned the amount of echo up as well let’s have a listen to it

for this third example I’ve increased the wow and flutter control to add some modulation in there I’ve also added some more delays and a little bit more Reverb in let’s check it out

for the last example we’ve turned the echo all the way up and add a lot more of the wow and flutter modulation in with the echo all the way up you can really hear that working

for the playing examples we were using our house Cornell Romney 12 using a vintage Gibson es345 it was a real pleasure checking out this pedal and listening to some of the sounds it had on board it’s an extremely versatile pedal that will take some getting used to but ultimately it will be very rewarding if you get a chance pop down and see us and give one a test run thanks for watching


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