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Pedal Talk – The Maestro Discoverer Delay Pedal

Adam Leaver: June 22, 2023
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Full Transcript

Hi Sam from Guitar Village here and today we are checking out the Maestro Discoverer delay pedal let’s open it up and take a look

if you look bits and Bobs in the box there got some little feet for any of you haven’t seen these before you can cut these up and you can put them on the base of the pedal if you’re not going to use them on a pedalboard helps it stick to a kind of shiny floor

so there it is really really nice layout on the top here we’ve got the delay on the left there the mix sustain and we’ve got a mod off and a mod on switch too simple classic foot switch there and just next to it you’ve got three tones that all light up now let’s have a look around the pedal really nice simple layout on the top here you’ve got your input your output and then your power input as well so with that being said let’s plug it in and see how it sounds okay we’ve got the pedal hooked up let’s listen to a few sound examples with it and see what this thing can do

I can see why they called it the discoverer delay there’s so many options on board here you’re just going to spend hours tweaking this thing the sustain control on the right which you might have seen before on other pedals called feedback is how many repeats they’ll be you have a mixed control in the middle to blend between your dry and your wet signal the modulation on and off switch adds some really nice subtle modulation to the delay and the delay control on the left is more of a rate and almost a little bit of depth as well in there too I really love the way this pedal looks and it sounds really funky if you get chance pop down to the shop and give one a try thanks for watching


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