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New Release From MARSHALL: The JTM Studio | Their BEST Recreation?

Adam Leaver: August 1, 2023
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Full Transcript

today we’re checking out the brand new jtm studio from Marshall amps we’re going to plug a bunch of different guitars and pedals into it see how this thing sounds and we’re going to talk about some of the features as well let’s get started

now as you’ll probably guess already looking at this thing this is based on the original jtm 45 from the early 60s they’ve tried to capture the styling exactly as one of those original ones were all the way down to the knobs we’ve got things like the Fawn fret Grill cloth with the gold piping the black Levant surrounding the edges and crucially we have these uh really really old Marshall logos which originally were actually supplied from a coffin supply store so very cool really looks the part but I guess your question is well they’ve done it before what’s so cool about this reissue well it’s not really a normal reissue so typically with a reissue like they did with the blue spraygrounds is they took the old amp and then they just built a new version of it the studio range really aims to take that and shrink it down making it more portable and also a bit lighter and a bit smaller too now in terms of what we’ve got here on board it’s a 20 watt amp that also switches down to 5 Watts as well you’ve got two ECC 83a preamp tubes in there plus a third ECC 83 at Phase splitter tube from the power section they’ve gone old school and gone for a pair of five double eight ones in there as well so plenty of power to get 20 watts out of this thing and I’ve been playing with this earlier it is loud so even if you’re on it you know on the low mode it’s still got quite a bit of volume there so it really breaks up nicely so now in terms of the controls once again we’re looking pretty old school we’ve got four inputs on there which we patched together for this you’ve got the high treble loudness you’ve got the normal loudness a three-band EQ so treble middle and bass and then a presence control which kind of adjusts the overall feel of the amp making it kind of either darker or brighter on the back of the amp we’ve got an effects Loop which is quite a new bonus and a DI output as well you can turn the effects loop on and off and there’s also five speaker out so you can run things like that a 16 ohm cab which is the same as this 112 I’ve got here or you can run a 1 8 or 2 16s and yeah a ton of different combinations in there in terms of speakers in this 112 cabinet we’ve got a g12m65 cream back a classic pairing they also offer a 212 cab which is pretty much the same as this but with two speakers in it and a slight slant on top and they even do a combo version as well for those who don’t want to carry two things with you to a gig well enough chat about it let’s have a play on it

so in terms of the build these are actually made in Bletchley in England which is very significant for Marshall amps they’ve decided to do a finger join cabinet on these they have gone for a hand welded chassis and they’ve hand soldered the pots and the valve bases which means that you know from Marshall you’re kind of reassure that you’re going to get excellent it’s going to last a long time be built really really well

so when you look at the original Marshall jtm 45 you see these great names come up you’ve got people like Peter Green Gary Moore and so many others and I think what they’ve done with this is they’ve taken that sound they’ve made the amp smaller and more portable but this is really going to appeal to those people who are after a clean to low gain crunch sound it’s not really designed for the High Gain stuff although if you run a pedal which we’re going to do here in a sec into it that’s High Gain you can really push the front into the amp and kind of get it searing nicely

so the Les Paul we’ve been using this is a 58 from the custom shop it’s a reissue layers pool with a Vos finish and for those of you with the Keen Eye you’ll notice it’s a plain top as well this is fitted out with custom bucker alniko 3 pickups in there new kind of thing they’re trying and they sound great

so most of the tones you’ve heard so far have been on this Les Paul and for me that kind of pairing works really really well let’s pull jtm 45 classic rock tone sounds beautiful but for those of you who want to use like a strat tele335 we’ve got those three usable suspects that we’re gonna have a look at now okay so next up we’re going to plug a Tele into the Marshall and see how it sounds this particular one I’ve got is out the custom shop it’s a 61 reissue we’ve got a twisted Tele in the neck position and an original Black Guard reissue pickup in the bridge position and as we know nothing rocks harder than the bridge pickup on a tele

okay so we’re going to jump back on to another Gibson I’ve gone for a 335 you know real Clapton Vibes going on here it’s a 64 reissue it’s actually got the same custom bucket El Nico 3 pickups as the layers pool so it’ll be interesting to see how this responds with the amp as well

many classic tones have been made on a strat going into a marsh lamp so we’ve got to try this thing out this is a custom shop 56 reissue with a slightly chunky neck very nice to play and it’s got a trio of master design bone tone pickups in there

now for the eagle-eyed of you out there you might have noticed that we’ve had the channels patched this whole time so what that means is we’re going into one channel and then we connect the other channel to it so we can run both these volumes and adjust them independently so what that will do then is once you’ve got those connected it means you can adjust both volumes independently to kind of sculpt and create different tones and push the front in the amp a little bit harder as well okay so with them patched together we’ve got the volume set here so we’re getting this tone [Music] so just on the edge of breakup now if we turn the normal volume all the way down kind of more just on the the loudness sorry the high travel loudness volume now put that back up again adds a little bit more girth

and with a high treble out there’s a lot of treble roll off on there too now if we undo the patch cable there so now we’re not getting any interaction from the normal channel it’s literally just the high treble

much brighter clearer kind of tone but without some of the warmth you get from the normal channel so pack your channels people so after spending a little bit of time with this app it’s been really interesting understanding how the characteristics work with each of the guitars we were checking out there was a bit of a difference between the 335 and the last born hopefully you heard that as well it was slightly more kind of percussive almost with the hollow body so semi Hollow at least anyway um I think if you want to push the front end of the amp you’ve got to go humbuckers whereas with the Stratton Telly with the exception a little bit of the bridge pickup on the Telly I think it’s definitely a softer cleaner tone now in terms of the build quality and you know the features on this amp I think you’ve got a really really nice app that’s going to offer you quite a lot it’s got a real Ranger versatile sounds you can go from kind of low gain crunch type territory to a really nice clean which kind of isn’t something you would expect with a marshall on most days in terms of having different combinations with the speaker I think it’d be really fun to try this thing out with the 412 or even with the 212 just to get a bit more air pushed if you want to play you know loud for example with the band you might find the 112 a little restricting compared to you know a combination of speakers having the the high low switch built into the standby switch is a really nice feature that I think a lot of people are going to appreciate it’s going to make a great recording amp as well whether you go for the head and the cab or the combo either one is going to work fine so I would say if you get a chance try one of these out I think you’ll be surprised at how much tone shaping there is involved with this because you can patch them you know you can mess around you can blend the high treble and the normal volumes together you’re going to get something that really really works on a lot of different levels now in terms of the sounds we’re getting from the pedals I do miss having Reverb on it now this doesn’t have Reverb in there but we were chucking one of the streaming flints in front um using some of the tremolo in some of the sections as well and that really sounded great to my is I think what you’ll get with that is having a Reverb pedal it gives you even more flexibility we’re using The stryman Deco for pushing the front end of the amp so it’s set pretty clean on its sort of gain Channel if you like um and it was just pushing the front end of the amp into a little bit more overdrive and we used a little bit of the delay on there too and for the High Gain sounds we were using the Marshall shred Master which is an incredible panel again with loads of tone escaping and you know kind of sounds you can create out of it as well so if you get a chance do try one of those out if you’ve never played one before it’s an iconic pedal and it’s an absolute must okay so if you want to find out any more about this ample the other ones within the range the links will be in the description below or if you want to find out any more about some of these gorgeous guitars and the panels I was using and they will be in there too as always thanks for watching


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