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Gibson Trini Lopez vs ES-335 | What Makes Dave Grohl’s Go-To Guitar Different?

Adam Leaver: August 1, 2023
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now for those who aren’t aware of this model it was originally brought out in 1964 and made famous by the man himself Trini Lopez today however I think Dave Grohl is most synonymous with using one now before we get into the top five list let’s talk about some of the specs [Music] [Applause] [Music] this model I have in front of me is the latest offering from Gibson custom shop it’s based on an original 1964 model and it’s available in two finishes either the cherry or the ebony both in a Vos finish now while this is slightly different to the es335 first up when we talk about specs let’s see what they both have in common so we have a three-ply maple Poplar Maple body very hard to say fast we’ve got a mahogany neck with an Indian rosewood fretboard it’s a 12 inch radius with 22 authentic medium jumbo Frets it’s got a 24 and three quarter inch scale length a pair of custom bucker alniko 3 pickups and because it’s based on a 64 model you get a nylon set of saddles and a nylon nut too

in at number one we’re talking about something you can’t see in this case it’s tension now with this guitar because you’ve got this tailpiece further back and because you’ve got the longer headstock giving a longer string length on there it reduces the brake angle and actually makes this a lot easier to do string bends on at number two we’re going to take a look at the tail piece now while this wouldn’t be uncommon to see this on one of the Gibson es Series this one has a special Trini Lopez insert added into it as well at number three we’re talking about folds well in fact in this case we’re looking at these diamond shaped sound holes on there they’re completely different to the ones on the 335 and they’ve also got binding on them as well in at number four we’re talking about the fretboard inlays so typically on a Gibson es335 from this period you’d expect to see small block inlays this however has split diamond inlays and finally in at number five the headstock probably the most distinct difference between this and the es335 this is based on a non-reverse Firebird

reasons why the Trini Lopez is different to the es335 I had a great time getting to know this guitar a bit better and to be honest with you I really do think that the extra string length there and the lack of the brake angle that the es335 have make this a little bit easier on the string bending but because it shares a lot of the tonal properties the es335 has it’s also very versatile as well you can play anything from Blues to Hard Rock even Jazz if you want to find out any more about these guitars the links will be in the description below and for tone references we were using the house Cornell roaming with the settings you’ll see going into the Friedman be OD thanks for watching


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