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Fender Innovation at Guitar Village

By Richard Wigington: November 7, 2020

The Fender American Professional II Stratocaster – Dark Night / Rosewood 

As always, the shop has been gearing up with the latest product releases including many superb, new electric and acoustic guitars. The latest Stratocaster model from Fender has arrived and it’s making its debut with a specification sheet that is resonating with players looking for a Stratocaster that takes on other guitar designs across a host of music genre settings.


The American Professional II Stratocaster is the latest, new to market Stratocaster from Fender and features design progress from the Stratocaster Ultra model released in 2019. Take the satin finish neck, which enables a smoother, silkier playing experience, an ultra dynamic performance enhanced by the slight neck heel contour and the thinner, faster more performance orientated “C” shaped neck and rolled fingerboard edges.

Upon first sight, the blue to navy and black Dark Night looks stunning, a contemporary looking guitar with a new colour twist as the darker hues give the guitar a new looking presence enhanced further by the “Super-Natural” satin finish of the maple neck.

The American Professional II Stratocaster is all classic Stratocaster from the first strum with a heightened sense of vintage across the full spectrum of sounds enabled with the V-Mod II Single Coil Pickups which are a new addition to this model producing stunning classic era Strat style articulation across all five selector settings.

The tone is warm and rich, brittle and biting if you want it so your set list might have found the perfect guitar for the gig where you play all the standard genres and more. A one gig guitar perhaps functioned also by the Push / Pull on the Tone pot which energises the Warp Drive tone shaping both the tonal character and the volume of a solo performance.


The subtle introduction of the 2 point Synchronised Tremolo with its accompanying rolled steel block pinpoint Fenders rethink approach to a thorough technically designed Tremolo unit. It’s strong, tough and beautifully manufactured with a soft edge finish that defines the engineering of this guitar from the outset.

The Fender Acoustasonic Stratocaster Exotic Ziricote

Talking of Fender, the latest Exotic Ziricote Acoustasonic Stratocasters have arrived and look absolutely stunning with their highly figured, natural grain signatures which are unique to each guitar, no two guitars are the same. Exotic Ziricote, a highly desirable tonewood used by other premium acoustic guitar builders has unique sound qualities with highly distinctive natural grain that is energetically musical, dramatic and theatrical.


These guitars have proved to be an immediate hit due to the hybrid nature of their design, a Stratocaster with an acoustic soul. The PCB technology that Fender has applied here appears otherworldly, like the Acoustasonic was manufactured for only an acoustic environment, but, it’s not and creature comforts in the form of the Doughnut Soundhole or the Stringed Instrument Resonance System (SIRS) as its known and the Fishman pickup calm the senses back to the here and now, after all the guitar does remain a Stratocaster.


For gigging, the Fender Acoustasonic has proved to be very successful, they’re lightweight, just over 5lbs, and their very cool appearance have touched the hearts of many because they sound so convincing firstly as an acoustic guitar and then as as Stratocaster with the sound technology in both design and connectivity that zero’s into Stratocaster with a flick of the proverbial switch.


The Acoustasonic Stratocaster is a superb guitar, it’s carefully designed, carefully curated and thought through, it’s also extreme fun in every sense of the word, the reading of the manual is exciting and the switching options are fun to experiment with over time.

You will enjoy the Acoustasonic Stratocaster because you will play it much more than you think, you will take it away with you more than you think and you’ll use it in more ways than perhaps any other guitar in your collection which is awesome isn’t it?


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