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The Eastman T386 Semi Hollow | Unbeatable Value For Money?

Adam Leaver: August 8, 2023
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Full Transcript

Hi Sam from Guitar village and today at Center Stage we are checking out this Eastman t386 Thinline for those of you who aren’t aware of Eastman guitars and have never tried one I urge you to they’re a really popular brand at the moment for a very good reason

entry point into the Thinline Market this is a guitar that’s very familiar with its specifications it is very refined too so in terms of what you would be familiar with it’s a 16 inch wide body which is very important for a lot of semi-hollow players it’s also got a center block as well to get rid of some of that feedback now in terms of some of the Aesthetics of this guitar they’ve really gone to some lengths to make this thing very refined so we’ve got around the body we’ve got some really nice grain iveroid binding you also get that along the fingerboard too you get it round the pick guard and you even get it in the f-holes which you don’t get with a lot of the American manufacturers

now in terms of playability we’ve got a 12 inch radius again very familiar with medium jumbo Frets which means this is very nice on the hands combining that with a 24 and three quarter inch scale length just means you can bend you can pretty much do anything on this it’s super easy to play in terms of Hardware you’ve got some pingwell tuners there three aside they’re very familiar for the vintage style look you’ve also got a pair of Kent Armstrong 57 path style pickups in there too in terms of the woods it’s got a laminated Maple body a maple neck and an ebony thread

for a long time we’ve always found that the Far Eastern made guitars weren’t always the first choice for a lot of people they would always go for you know something made in America where possible you know and a lot of the time it would just be that budget would dictate by one of the Far Eastern made ones however I think what East would have done is they’ve really refined the models they’ve spent a lot of money improving their Metals their Woods their construction I say the whole thing is refined and they’ve actually turned it into something that’s gone from being you know a choice that you would go for maybe a poor man’s version into something that’s a real Contender and would actually be your first choice in some cases this guitar has been a real Delight to play it’s very easy on the hands like I mentioned in the specs earlier and tonally I think you’ve got a great array of sounds in there you’ve got this neck pickup that has that real thump on the bass into that real nice bite on the treble pickup but it’s not ice picky so if you want to go for a semi-hollow guitar that actually has quite a lot of Versatility to it this is a really good contender

so to generate the tones today we were using the house Cornell Roman E12 this time in the Tweed finish not the black which you can see the settings right here we’re using a boss Loop Station to get some of the loops on the go for the overdrive sounds we’re using Wampler Euphoria along with a pigtronics constellation delay panel as always thanks for watching


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