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The BEST Acoustic Guitars Under £1000??

Adam Leaver: June 23, 2023
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don’t buy a new acoustic guitar without watching this first

Sam from Guitar Village here and today we’ve set our budget at a thousand pounds and we’re going to check out five different acoustic guitars we’re going to talk about where each one is made what they’re made of some of the other specs that are quite important and what they come with as well but crucially we’re also going to talk about the sound and the playability as well so let’s get into the first one [Music]

right first up and actually this one is over a thousand pounds it’s a thousand and nineteen is this Eastman ac308 CE Limited now I did say our budget was a thousand pounds and this is a little bit more so if you buy this guitar and quote this video we will not the 20 pounds off and make it 999 just for you now let’s talk about some of the woods on this guitar so we’ve got a spruce top and in this case we have got mahogany back inside it’s solid Woods all round and a mahogany neck too plus an ebony fingerboard it’s got a slot head it’s the only one in R5 that’s got one and it’s got an LR bags VTC element pickup installed as well and you get that lovely hard case too [Music]

now we’re heading away from China and over to Indonesia to check out this Faith fnce blood moon guitar in terms of the features you get solid Woods all round with a high gloss finish it’s Java mahogany top back and sides with a mikasan ebony fingerboard on there you also get Grover rotimatic tuners Fisherman’s ink 3 pickup and a hard case too

landed in Mexico and we are checking out two different guitars first up we’re looking at this Taylor 210 CE this one is kind of our midpoint it’s coming in at 979 pounds and you get a really nice Taylor gig bag with it as well you get a solid thicker Spruce top with a three layered Rosewood back and sides you also get an ebony fingerboard Taylor’s own tuners and their own es2 expression system [Music] [Applause] [Music] foreign

guitar and the most expensive one in our shootout is this Martin d10e which comes in 1049 pounds just like the Eastman however if you quote this video we will knock 50 pounds off making it 9992 so you get all solid Woods in this case we’ve got a sicker Spruce top with sapele back and sides it’s also got a rich like fingerboard and a fisherman MXT pickup and Martin will even throw in a soft shell case as well

[Music] we’re heading north to check out our final guitar this USA made Gibson g45 this is Joint cheapest coming in at 949 pounds which is incredible for an American-made guitar for that you get a solid thicker Spruce top with Walnut back and sides you also get these lovely mini rotimatic tuners from Grover this one doesn’t have a pickup but what they have installed which I think is a really nice feature is their player port and this when you’re playing it makes it sound like you’re standing out the front of the guitar very good feature Gibson Supply this with a kickback [Music]

all right

[Applause] [Music] now you’ve heard a bit about each guitar listen to each one and you know all the parts I played as I said earlier are all parts that I think complemented the guitar well hang around to the end because there will be a direct shootout comparison as well which I’m going to play the same part back to back on each one that being said my thoughts on each guitar which were you know each one was very interesting I thought the Eastman the first one we looked at with the slot head was very cool the smallest guitar so the quietest as well it’s also a very comfortable shape so if you’re after a small body guitar you can’t really go wrong with that the face was actually just very similar to the Eastman in terms of the tone adds slightly bigger sound because it was a slightly bigger body but just as playable next up let’s talk about the two dreadnoughts the the Martin and the tailor now being Square shoulder dreadnoughts they have a lot more bass response and a lot more volume too but the guitar that surprised me the most was the Gibson at 949 pounds The Joint cheapest I mean I think that’s incredible for a USA made guitar but actually for me it was probably the most versatile of the bunch as well anyway be good to hear what you think about these as well so please write that down in the comments and thanks for watching


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