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Shergold Guitars

By Mark Johnson: March 4, 2017

the49er01In the early nineteen-seventies former Burns employees, Jack Golder and Norman Holder (pictured) established Shergold guitars. From a small factory with only four employees Shergold carried on the Burns tradition of building fine hand-crafted british guitars. Export orders alone meant this small team of luthiers were kept busy right up until the early eighties when there was an upturn in the market affecting the production of home-grown british guitars. Production ceased until the early nineties when there was a renewed interest in seventies british built guitars. Unfortunately, this was short lived as Jack sadly passed away in 1992.
The next chapter in the Shergold story involves Patrick James Eggle another well known respected british luthier who has been involved in re-tweaking, designing and overseeing production of this british classic. With the success of Patrick James Eggle and Faith guitars its good to see the Shergold brand back in good hands.

The Shergold Masquerader

Shergold-Colour-Range-A4-Lsc-on-BKThe three new models available are the Masquerader SM01-SD, Masquerader SM02-SD and the Masquerader SM03-SD. During the golden years between 1975 and 1991 the six-string Shergold Masquerader was the only model to remain in production throughout. True to its predecessor the new generation Shergold Masqueradar guitar has the same countours and curves as the original with some 21st century features added.

All models are loaded with Seymour Duncan pickups, the SM01-SD features a vintage sounding SP90-1 in the neck position and the hot rodded TB-4 in the bridge position for all you Gibson nuts out there. The SM02-SD features an overwound beefy SSL-6 in the neck postion, a reverse-wound SSL-6 in the middle and a TB-4 in the bridge. For Gibson and Fender fans this is a very versatile pickup combo. Lastly, the SM03-SD features a bright, vintage sounding SSL-2 in the neck, a reverse-wound SSL-2 in the middle and the overwound Tele lead STL-2 pickup in the bridge giving you a guitar loaded with Strat and Tele sounds in which is an awesome unique selling point. Other great features that come standard on all models are a soild rosewood neck and fingerboard, a Patrick James Eggle designed Shergold custom Tele-style bridge with compensated brass saddles and staggered-height locking machine heads.


I’m sure with the success of Patrick James Eggle guitars and Faith acoustic guitars Patrick will successfully take Shergold into the 21st century. We are due our first shipment of Shergold guitars early-March 2017 so keep an eye on our website which is in real time for stock updates. It’s always exciting getting a new line of guitars in and I’m keen to see how the new Shergolds sound and play and I’m sure some of you would possibly have owned an original Shergold from the seventies so it would be interesting to compare old and new. Come down to Guitar Village when the Shergolds are in stock and put this revamped classic through its paces.

Shergold Masqueradar SM01-SD Demo:

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