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By Steve Collinson: July 9, 2015

For those amongst us who have to rely on paying an experienced luthier to adjust their pride and joy….we give you Riversong Guitars!

Made in Canada using the best solid woods, these guitars not only play and sound amazing, but they are so easy to tweak to perfection….yourself!

Tension Free Design

To eliminate tension, the neck extends all the way through the body and incorporates the end block as structural support. This allows Riversong to use less bracing, giving the guitar a deeper and richer sound due to the increased resonant area.

Solid 1-Piece Neck

Unlike traditional guitars with fret boards glued to the top of the body, Riversong Guitars feature a solid neck that runs all the way under the fretboard. This eliminates the 14th fret hump that happens when the body expands or contracts differently then the neck. This is a simple thing that gives Riversong guitars consistently close action.

Adjustable Body Angle

The action on a Riversong guitar is raised or lowered by adjusting the neck angle. This eliminates the need to adjust your action by destructively sanding your saddle. This novel approach has an integrated strap pin used to finely adjust the angle.

Less Kerf = More Tone

This new build process is so unique that Riversong have 1/3 the kerfing of a traditional build and unlike a traditional build, the direction of grain on the kerfing matches that of the top grain which allows it to expands and contracts with the top giving less tension. Over all this means less mass and tension in the corners which translate to more resonant area.

Straight String Pull Headstock Design

Coming off the nut there is no sideways tension resulting in better tuning stability and tone.

24 Frets 2 Octave Fretboard

Due to this unique removable neck design Riversong were able to extend the fretboard giving you 2 full octaves. Traditional designs can not do this due to the servicing constraints of needed to access the inside of the body for repair and maintenance.

More on Riversong Guitars

Lee and his son Mike saw their fair share of tension related repairs. As their repair shop grew the need for another full time employee was realized. Enter luthier Mike T. That was back in 09, since Mike joined our team we started a custom shop building progressive traditional guitars. The custom shop gained international notoriety and by 2011 we were in a back order situation not able to keep up! Our most popular guitars were our heirloom guitars custom made and uniquely labeled with family crests or emotional messages to future family! One day in 2009 Mike M was watching Mike T spend 2 whole days bracing and then tuning the guitar to make it be strong for the full stress on the soundboard and be resonant for the sound. two contradicting ideas. From that point Mike T continued to hone his luthier skills & Mike M started on a quest to remove the “bad stress” from the guitar body.

We’re thrilled to stock these unique guitars at Guitar Village. Many companies have attempted to reinvent the wheel or introduce new features that players simply don’t need. The guys at Riversong guitars have identified a genuine need amongst guitarists to safely and easily adjust your own guitar. Check one out at Guitar Village today, or contact us now for more info – / 01252 726821.


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