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PRS NF 53 and Myles Kennedy’s Signature Model First Look!

Adam Leaver: June 23, 2023
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Full Transcript

Hi Sam from Guitar village and today we are excited to announce a brand new PRS model the nf-53 this is based on a model from 1953 from Paul’s own personal collection so let’s check it out right let’s talk about some of the features on this model then so we’ve got a swamp Ash body we’ve got a maple net which is scarved and it has a maple fingerboard as well it’s got vintage style PRS tuners and prs’s own steel plate Bridge as well which is very very reminiscent of those early 50s guitars in terms of the pickups we’ve got a pair of narrow field DDS which stand for deep dish so it’s a slightly deeper pickup so you can get more wines and magnets around the bobbin it’s got 22 Frets it’s a 10 inch radius very typical for PRS and a 25 and a half inch scale length in terms of the controls we’ve got a standard volume and tone and we’ve got a three-way switch as well for selecting which pickup you’re using you also get a really nice PRS black gig bag as well

fans out there they’ve also done a Miles Kennedy signature as well now this one is in a few different colors the particular one I’m holding is in vintage natural the main difference is really aesthetically are you’ve got a capped headstock you’ve got a geometric owl truss rod cover I had to look that one up other little touches these got his own pickups in there they’re not the same as the deep dish ones they’re slightly lighter sounding which I think was really cool you also get a five-way switch on this one instead of the three-way switch and that means you can have some single coil options in there too you’ve got a push pull switch which when you’re on the bridge pickup takes a little bit of the treble off it is subtle but it does sound good you get vintage style locking tuners this time with slightly different buttons you get metal ones instead of the kind of ivory plastic buttons we saw on the regular nf53 it’s also got miles Kennedy’s own signature neck profile on here which is slightly fatter than the standard pattern 53 we were checking out on the normal narrow field

switch on this one because it’s a little bit different to most five-way switches so first up we’re in the first position and we’re on full Bridge humbucker [Music]

nice and Spanky now PRS have fitted this Push Pull switch which when you pull it up it takes a little bit of the top end off so [Music] it’s very subtle but it does sound good now moving on second position we’ve still got full bridge humbucker but this time we’re adding in a single coil neck position too [Music] position three we’re back to humbuckers but in both positions this time [Music]

position four is a little bit different to two so we’ve got both pickups but they’re both in single coil mode this time

and finally position five is just neck humbucker foreign [Music] having played both of these models I don’t think I would say that there’s one that you should go for I think both of them sound very different now when we talk about the neck profiles I mentioned earlier that the Miles Kennedy was slightly fatter than the regular nf-53 and it is but both of them feel very comfortable in the hands I think unless you like a really ultra slim profile you’re gonna love these necks now the things I really liked and what I thought was really refreshing based on an original 53 model was the fact you’ve got this nice arm Contour so you know your arm’s not always kind of dragging over the corner there and kind of wearing your arm or the guitar out I don’t know which you prefer you’ve got a nice belly Contour on the back as well so it does feel quite nice and snug against the body this special Contour up here in the Cutaway is really useful for each in the upper register and they pair that with this nice rounded neck plate as well which makes the whole thing feel like a real tree to play now with a bigger fret why they use on these you get this real nice boldness with every note and you find that there’s Clarity all the way up the fingerboard and it intonates really well partly thanks to the way that PRS design and build their guitars but also down to the design of this bridge as well which is like a typical kind of brass saddle bridge but they’ve actually added two screws for each saddle so you can twist them left and right so you can intonate or pretty much perfectly internet every string for the tones today I was using the house Cornell Romney 12. I’ve also got three panels set up I am using a Wampler Moxie I’ve got a 5150 overdrive from mxr that’s the ev8 signature and a boss dm2w delay pedal as well it was really fun getting to know these new models and if you want to find out any more about them the links will be in the description below as always make sure you subscribe to the channel and give the video a thumbs up too thanks for watching


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