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Pedal Talk – The Roger Mayer Octavia Pedal

Richard Wigington : April 21, 2023
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Sam unboxes a Roger Mayer Octavia Pedal to find out what it sounds like, and he’s amazed.

Full Transcript

Hi Sam from Guitar Village here and today we are checking out the Roger mayor Octavia pedal let’s open the box up and see what’s inside

now knowing Roger as I do he likes to keep things very simple you don’t get anything like an owner’s manual with this what you get is the pedal inside a box inside a little baggie and there it is the Roger mayor Octavia pedal this is a really nice looking pedal he’s kept it very clean and simple it’s not like the old rocket ship pedals he used to build he’s gone for a small box enclosure so it’s nice and easy you can just take these feet off the back put some Velcro on and stick it on your pedalboard in terms of the ins and outs you’ve got your input just there you’ve got a hard wire output so it’s kind of like a true bypass output and on the other side you’ve got two buffered outs as well if you’re going to run long pedalboard chains or long cables let’s go ahead and plug this in and see how it sounds okay so we’ve got the pedal hooked up let’s see the clean tone first where for this we’re using a fender strap with single coil pickups going into a black star St James combo

there’s the onboard sounds from the Octavia it’s a great sounding pedal you could really hear the range of gain on there you know from when it was all the way down to pretty clean all the way up you’re getting some really cool fuzzy type tones the sort you’d hear on see little wing on fire the tone control was very responsive too when it was turned all the way down you’ve got quite a warm sound and all the way up you get that really nice biting tone so if you want to use it to cut through the mix or just to sit back in the mix it will work well for both the output when we turned it on to get it you need to gain it was somewhere around two o’clock uh just to keep it level with the single calls when it was bypassed once you go past there there is a lot of scope for boosting it as well I’m sure you could hear the volume really jumped up when I turned it up Roger makes all these panels hand built in the UK they’re used by some of the best artists worldwide if you do want to find out any more about the panel the link will be in the description below thanks for watching


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