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One Guitar To Do It All?

Adam Leaver: September 23, 2023

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Gear Used in the Video:

Fender Custom Shop 1960/63 Telecaster Relic Faded Aged Surf Green

Cornell Romany 12 Reverb 1 x 12 Black Tweed Oxblood Grille Combo

1W Waza Craft Super Overdrive

Friedman Small Box Overdrive Pedal

Fender Hammertone Delay

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Full Transcript

Hi Sam from Guitar Village here the Telecaster is a country icon but here at Guitar Village we feel it can do so much more so today Tom our cameraman is in charge and he’s going to throw some ideas at me some things to play in different genres to see what the Telly can handle so let’s get into it so we’re going to start out with a genre that suits the Telly the most country and the thing that it should be able to do so for this I am going to go for both pickups classic country sound um I’ve got both the tone and volume fully opened and we’ve got a little bit of delay on there too

thank you yeah I think it does that well so Tom what’s the first one we’re gonna check out well let’s get a bit more attitude let’s go to rockabilly okay rockabilly that’s just country with some attitude isn’t it so Bridge pickup I’m gonna add a little bit of gain on there as well

nice sounded pretty good to me it’s kind of as I expected actually you know rockabilly country they’re very close to each other so you would expect to tell you to be able to do that all right what’s next up all right let’s clean it up a bit again let’s go to Blues Blues all right let’s turn the delay off I’m gonna go neck pickup see how that sounds I think that’s a pretty good example of that okay we’re cleaning up what’s uh what’s coming after the blues cleaner still let’s go to jazz jazz all right we’re gonna stick with our neck pickup then let’s roll the tone back a bit

side of jazz I would say my playing there but yeah I think it handles Jazz quite nicely cool so let’s get some more energy in let’s go to Funk all right let’s go back to our middle position could kind of go neck or middle for this

I like that that definitely works nice my favorite so far I think uh let’s go back to some classic rock and roll classic rock and roll all right Bridge pickup everything’s opened up

yeah that song sounds a bit familiar to me but handled the rock and roll quite well so what’s up next Tom let’s try some metal metal all right a genre that I don’t tend to play so for this I’m going to crank the gain up a little bit more that’s the way you make everything sound Metal Bridge pickup everything opened up full and I’m going to bring the boss super overdrive in as well

not bad not bad Also let’s try some punk punk all right another genre right um we could keep the go I’m going to drop the game back a bit not too much keep the bridge pickup everything open [Music] yeah I think that announce it quite nicely cool so that’s some genres let’s try some techniques techniques okay this is a new thing uh tapping like we’ve got to try some tapping tapping all right well let’s bring the game back up again I don’t want this sounding too honest out here they’re all the mistakes

yeah it works well with a lot of drive on that nice one let’s try some Unison bands Unison bends like country stuff yeah

yeah holds together nicely cool let’s try some double stops then double stops more country stuff [Music] plus I’m gonna throw a curveball let’s try an alternate tuning let’s make it easy though let’s do drop d drop D all right

yes the joy of the fixed bridge it holds shooting so well okay what are we doing next Tom all right let’s let’s try the near impossible let’s do a dive bomb a dive but we haven’t got a trip that’s why you put Tom’s put a power drill back here and I was asking him earlier what it was for he didn’t tell me I presume that’s for for doing that with also if you do have a power drill at home and you want to play around with some funny sounds put it near the pickups it sounds great

nice we’re back in tune again so I think that covered a lot of genres quite well um there was a couple I didn’t think it was 100 convincing for but I would say you know should you want to swap out for some pickups you know maybe like some mini humbuckers in there it might have covered the metal a little bit tighter um it also might have helped if there was a metal player testing it too so we don’t want to Discount that completely I thought it stayed in tune really nicely as well considering all the weird stuff we did with it with a power drill which I blame Tom for it was a really good guitar obviously country stuff it nailed rockabilly it was really good rock and roll stuff and actually I think for rhythm for me the Telly has always been King I think if you want to you know hold down tight rhythms it just suits them so well I think the bridge pickup with that big mid-range push in there kind of Acts a bit like a tube scream and just tightens everything up the neck pickup really warm works great for jazz works great for funk you know some of the blue stuff I thought it worked really nicely on too so if you’re thinking about checking out a new guitar and you haven’t considered a Telly consider one all the gear used in today’s video will be linked in the description below and be listed on the GV website if you want to check any of it out and as always thanks for watching


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