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By Steve Collinson: August 3, 2015

Gibson aren’t mucking about this year and have already announced their 2016 Montana range! Boasting a line of new improved acoustic guitars, a mixture of refined versions of old whilst introducing innovative newcomers. We’ve decided to delve into the three categories and go into detail about the new unique features on offer.


Performance Upgrades – Core Models

The core Gibson acoustic line features timeless classics from the affordable J-15, to the formidable workhorse J-45 and the elegant powerhouse SJ-200. The traditional Gibson sound still remains true with these guitars, but feature a few refined updates to keep things fresh for 2016. Notable upgrades include a new hand-rounded smooth neck edge and Plek technology fret finishing, for a smoother playability than ever before. The new upgraded pickups and electronics brag a superior, more natural tone whilst being easier to tweak your ideal tone. The new custom engraved 2016 truss rod cover adds a unique cosmetic touch, identifying the guitar as the newest and best of Gibson acoustics.

State of the Art Innovations – Progressive Models

Two very distinguishable guitars amongst the 2016 Gibson line are the J-45 & Songwriter Cutaway Progressive Models, featuring some of Gibson’s most innovative hardware and technology. They both come equipped with the G-Force automated tuning system, which is most notably an ingredient on Gibson’s 2015 USA core line. This system allows the user to tune quickly between various different open and standard tunings, which is perfect for the stage to speed up those awkward tune ups. The Titanium Tune-O-Matic saddle allows the player to adjust intonation and provides smooth note to note sustain. Along with Gibson’s modern elements the guitar still delivers that classic warm Gibson sound with its Dovetail neck joint and radiused top construction.

Historic Gibson Sounds – Vintage Models

Gibson’s long lasting reign as one of the top acoustic guitar makers isn’t by chance, since the 1930’s they’ve been producing phenomenal sounding flat top acoustics renowned worldwide. Due to many being lost or destroyed over the years, getting your hands on an original vintage Gibson is not only incredibly expensive but outrageously rare. To combat this, Gibson have spent an immeasurable amount of time and effort in recreating the beauty and tone from an early 1900’s acoustic and are perfecting it to this day. The 2016 J45, Hummingbird & L-00 Vintage models feature Gibson’s newly developed “thermally aged” guitar tops, which involves a highly complex process that replicates the vintage wood featured on the original guitars. These particular models have been the heart of Gibson acoustic guitars since their initial release, and the 2016 Vintage Line features period correct parts, hide glue top bracing and a VOS finish to complete that classic vintage feel.

We are one of the most prestigious Gibson acoustic dealers in the UK, and pride ourselves on our 5-Star Gibson Dealer status and vast, in-depth knowledge of all things Gibson. We will be one of the first to receive these gorgeous Gibson’s from the 2016 Montana range, so make sure to keep an eye out for stock info and pre-order options. Feel free to email us at or call us on 01252 726821 for more information from our helpful sales team.


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