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From Downpatrick, Northern Ireland, Lowden Guitars have a reputation for high-end acoustic guitars with a huge following especially amongst contemporary fingerstyle players. George Lowden and his family-run team of specialist craftspeople are keen innovators bringing together exotic and unusual tonewoods and guitar building techniques to create instruments with truly exceptional voices. In their own words, “The Lowden guitar is the result of unique design, workmanship and assembly techniques along with our choice of woods.”

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Introducing the All New Lowden GL-10 Electric Guitar

The Line Up

“Each collection in the Lowden Range features distinctive appointments with a selection of tonewoods and custom options for tone, playability, and aesthetic beauty.”

Core Collection

Original Series – The Original Series was the very first Lowden range from 1976. The ‘O’ model is George’s original Lowden body design, with the medium sized ‘F’ and concert sized ‘S’ models having been added to the range. The Original Series features understated aesthetic appointments, a seven-piece wood rosette, single-piece wood binding on the back, single-piece binding and three-piece purfling on the top, rosewood front-head facing and an ebony fingerboard. Popular models include the Lowden O-32 Rosewood/Spruce and Lowden O-22C Cedar.

35 Series – The 35 Series is comprised of a wider range of models that are delineated by their wood combination. There are 8 woods available for the back and sides and 5 for the top, however, no one back and sides wood is available with all of the top woods, and only one combination (Indian Rosewood/Sitka Spruce) is available in all three body sizes. Models include the Lowden F-35 Red Cedar/Tasmanian Blackwood, Lowden F-35 Chechen Rosewood/Redwood, and Lowden S-35M Mahogany.

50 Series – Often described as the Lowden Custom Shop. With the 50 Series, players can choose any combination of woods in any body size as well as having the choice of tonewoods not available in the 35 Series such as African Blackwood and Brazilian Rosewood. The woods that are used are Master Grade tonewoods; the best of the best tonewoods available anywhere, chosen for their exceptional tonal and visual properties. Models include the Lowden F-50 African Blackwood/Redwood and Lowden F-50 Koa/Redwood.

Models in the Core Collection also come with various options such as left-handed, different tonewood options, cutaway, pickup, fan fret, 12-string, and shallow profile necks.

Jazz Collection

Based on the ‘S’ model, the Jazz model is a nylon string ‘cross-over’ model that is designed to be used for a variety of playing styles. The neck is wide enough to accommodate the nylon strings and yet the ebony fingerboard is cambered to allow easy playing for steel string players. Models include the Lowden S50J Sinker Redwood/Guatemalan RosewoodLowden S25J and Lowden S32J.

Signature Collection

Recognised the world over for their quality and attention to detail, Lowden have attracted the attention of some of the world’s finest acoustic players. As a result there are a variety of signature models available for a range of players. Models include the Lowden Richard Thompson – a user of Lowden guitars for many years, Lowden Piere Bensusan, Lowden Piere Bensusan ‘Old Lady’ – a reproduction of the original from 1978, Lowden Thomas Leeb and Lowden Jon Gomm.

Wee Lowden Collection

The Wee Lowden was designed by George at the request of Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol as a gift for Ed Sheeran. It is designed to be compact with a 610mm scale length and a soundbox that’s narrower and shallower than the ‘S’ model. However, the internal bracing and the choice of woods are such that the bass response is increased as much as possible to avoid the ‘boxy’ sound that most small guitars have. Models include the Lowden WL-25 Wee Lowden and Lowden WL-22 Wee Lowden, with fan fret models available.

Speciality Collection

This is where you will find Lowden’s range of more specialised guitars for players looking for that unique sound. Models include the Lowden FM-35 Cocobolo/Sitka Spruce with it’s shallower body and neck, Lowden S-35M Mahogony, the beautifully voiced and incredibly easy to play Lowden BAR-50CFF Baritone Fan Fret Redwood/African Blackwood (read our blog about it HERE) and Lowden Stage Edition – designed specifically for amplification.

NEW Lowden Electric Guitars

Introduced at NAMM 2018, the brand new GL-10 is the first Lowden electric guitar to hit the market in 40 years. Expect Lowden’s usual superior build quality, attention to detail and fabulous tone. Available in three different wood choices: Lowden GL-10 Koa, Lowden GL-10 Tasmanian Blackwood, and Lowden GL-10 Figured Walnut.


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