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Guitar Village Welcomes – Paul Reed Smith! PART 2

Adam Leaver: April 22, 2023
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In this second part of our interview with Paul Reed Smith, Sam continues the deep dive into all things PRS. A discussion of techniques and luthiery from one of the most celebrated guitar builders in the world today.

Full Transcript

do you know I’ve got a guitar we’ve just had in and I wanted to talk to you about it we were talking about some of the 10 top or the 10 top principle but this guitar it’s been taken off the body and it’s been put onto the neck so I’m just going to squeeze past you here and this is another this is the swamp Ash special right

now obviously this guitar is a few years old this is um see the serial number under these lights this is somewhere around 99 something like that so this is an incredible guitar I mean the neck alone looks incredible and do you feel that as a company you’ve come a long way from from 23 years ago yes and no it’s the same body shape it’s the same carve it’s the same understanding of bridges although we’ve made some modifications recently like we put a little brass insert in or each one of these things I have to make the guitar sound a little bit better um we don’t use this model pickup anymore but we make advanced models of these now the Frets were put in the same way the neck was carved pretty much the same way turning pegs are different yes materials different finish is different but there’s nothing about that guitar that we couldn’t take into our tech center or PTC and bring up to date to the new to the new guitars trust rod works um next was was very very dry when it was made the body was dry when it was made so it’s not going to Warp I mean all we would do is in England we we’d Flex with the bits yes that’s right we we’d mess with the parts on it um but I would say fundamentally it’s not that just similar to stuff I made in my old shop if in 1985 but we are making subtle changes all the time and we don’t advertise a lot of the the changes because for us they’re really really important for the buyer it changes their experience a little bit yeah um and I don’t want to say that what we did in this year was rubbish because it’s not this is a hell of a guitar if you plug it in right now here plug it in yeah it’s going to sound really good and I you know

is it in tune as well I have no idea

run it

[Music] so the guitar sounds really good right [Music] it’s incredible but you can hear that this guitar is a teeny bit clearer it is I was thinking this is slightly warmer that that’s right and that was intention we were trying to get those pickups and that guitar to be a little more clear to drive a big pedalboard yeah but there’s nothing to be embarrassed about the guitar would work really well in the studio would work really well in a gig that’s the whole idea no I heard a story once and I don’t know if it’s true but I like the story which when Joni Mitchell record paved paradise put up appointment when it came out of speakers she goes oh no I got to play it a million times for the rest of my life because it was going to be a hit they all knew right yeah I mean this as The Story Goes when Crete when Sunshine of Your Love came out of the speakers they knew they had a hit they were dancing in the aisles when Michael Jackson Beat It got recorded they were dancing they knew it was going to be hit but from that moment forward they knew they were gonna have to play it live yeah right so same thing with the guitarist once you get it straightened out you’re going to have to make it over and over and over again that’s okay with me well that sounds fine if you get it right first time then yeah and then you can make little modifications to it I’m sure that everybody modified the tune a little bit as time went on but it’s still it’s a song yeah the core elements are still there speaking of core elements so you you have a completely new guitar well I say completely new it’s a newish guitar it’s been out for a few years now but in Guitar terms a few years is about you know two seconds really and that is the silver sky the the John Mayer signature we’re making him a long time now you have but in guitar in the guitar world I mean it’s still not that long it’s still still kind of fresh in most people’s minds and this is a great guitar and it it’s a warm sounding guitar as well you know it’s interesting you see that I’ve worked unbelievably hard to make sure those pickups sound like old pickups yeah because the old ones didn’t sound like ice picks they sound like big musical devices you know and in certain years especially around 63 64. the pickups were so loud that the signal noise ratio was so good that you didn’t hear a lot of hum say the name humbuck is slightly less it says um 635 on the pickup which means halfway between 63 and 64. 63.63 and a half and you have an original 63 stretch don’t you so was that the inspiration for some of the voicing of the pickups on this yes but mostly was from John’s guitar okay his original strategy yeah the one he played gravity on yeah um how much it’s not a strat he’s got a warehouse of stress but um that one guitar that he used for recording all those records yeah how much uh back and forth was there with yeah going for three points like two years wow so you would say three days what do you think well it wasn’t what do you think what do you want us to do look when we started with John he had a problem on his hands he was going to be in the Grateful Dead and he needed a tool to play that music yeah and so he flew to the shop and he played through every pickup that we had tried every neck shape we had tried every body shape we had tried every scale length everything and we started making prototypes as fast as we could when I went on the stage the first time and he was playing the super eagle threw one of our amps it sounded like steel drums it didn’t sound like a guitar and I was like how do you get a guitarist I’d never heard anything like it in my life and I realized that that tool was doing its job and it it’s it didn’t just sound like the Grateful Dead it sounded really Musical and did what he wanted this was the second one now he needed a guitar for his Solo solo band so that’s from the super eagle on today super yes yeah yeah which so this is uh this this is pretty much one of his main what is his main guitar Now isn’t it it’s he still uses in the dead company uses a lot of different guitars and and his band he’ll use different guitars but he’s got a couple of these that he just their go-to for him yeah he’s got a mock sand one he loves yes I think we’ve got one of those in stock at the moment she’s a great looking color yeah and if this wasn’t fresh enough then let’s have a look at the the other signature model

oh SC silver csc’s how impressed have you been with these uh coming out the factory because I’m guessing you can do so much until they turn up

so plug the amp back in so I think these guitars sound really good [Music] foreign [Music]

thick on the high strings [Music] that’s nice and thick [Music] that’s nice and bright on the bottom yeah absolutely it’s [Music]

so to me that’s a professional sound a really professional sound out of a guitar that’s not not normally thought of as a professional price point yeah and and I you could play a record with this you could play a you could play a concert with us this guitar does its job yeah yeah they’ve been absolutely incredible we’ve and I’ve never played this this particular guitar before I’m holding it for the first time it’s um seems to do its job really well you know when people buy guitars they should take the plastic off the pickguard that protects it from scratches yes so people do that but you know you would you would be uh be surprised how many guitars we get in like 20 year olds Fender Stratton American Standard Strat still with a protective film over it it’s uh why don’t you just take it off and give them the guitar back it’s it’s so unusual but yeah these are these have been absolutely incredible we’ve been blown away by these and I love all the details on there as well you know having the scoop there so you can reach the the upper frets the control knobs completely different yeah the Jack Plate’s nice and chunky it’s much easier to get the uh the lead in there but you know in America we don’t call it a lead you know that right oh what do you call it called yeah Jack cord yeah fair enough you guys call it a lead we I got schooled yesterday on how to say things properly to the yesterday oh really yes that sounds fun it was fun we went to we went Nate on the street with Windsor Castle was and we had some of the best fish and chips I’ve ever had in my life and had good company and my friend Paul who lives in yes another another lovely uh lovely area his family we all went to lunch and just had a great time and and they showed me these little slots in the castle where you can shoot arrows at in all directions but you can’t get an arrow in I was cracking up I doubt many people have tried it from close range trying to get the arrows back in but no then they also said the Queen’s buried there yes we’ve um yeah we actually have a castle in town you should check it out while you’re here so yeah it’s lovely Farnham Castle it’s just you know there’s loads around in England you’re tripping over them yeah we don’t have money in America we’re a very young country you said your rejects does well I didn’t so I did not say that I will just I did I think Australia and U.S turned out all right yeah they absolutely did we’ve um you know I think uh I think we’re that we’re the little brother now we’re the you know you guys are the Big Brothers to us okay

that argument could be made but Americans adore the way that English musicians play and English musicians adore the way American musicians play and there’s always been this gorgeous interplay between the two so Hendricks as The Story Goes God asks once he says how does it feel to be the best guitar player like he says I don’t know go ask Rory Gallagher which I thought was a great comment yeah you know he handed the Reigns by the way Rory made that guitar and that little amp sound way bigger than what it was I mean you know absolutely it’s extraordinary the sounds of uh you know you start with Becker Gilmore or Paige I just the list is on and on and on and on these legendary tracks that were recorded some of them recorded in U.S Studios while they were on tour you know but no matter what we just love the way the English musicians play and there’s a there’s a love the other way I mean these stories The Beatles came from uh wanting to name a band close to with the Crickets yes a uh is that true oh that I don’t know actually it’s um that was that’s the rumor you know I didn’t ever get to talk to Paul or John or George Ringo about it but that was something right it makes sense what we found I mean what I’ve found is is that you get a lot of kind of quite raw English guitarists to have done something slightly different to everyone else and by the time it hits the states and it’s absorbed you’ll get another band come out five ten years later it’ll do something similar but a really streamlined polished version it’s quite impressive when you see that you know when you look at punk you know like sex pistols and then you translate that across the Atlantic you get something just a bit sharper the other day we were recording love and happiness sealed our green tone yeah and I started screaming squeeze because attempted was coming out of the speakers because it was the same Groove you know and saying chords and it’s just like they had absorbed uh some part of that music I heard little bits of influence there I hear it all the time when we’ll rebuild a tune you’ll hear because we went at it a little different you can hear the the other bits that people did I I just adore the whole thing I I just think that the interaction between English music and American music has been

magic and then you get this record where Eric Clapton and BB King are sitting in the front of the car recording yeah did you ever see the movie where uh BB King is talking to um the singer in U2 and he said you’re not old enough to write words this maturity When Love Comes To Town yeah he’s talking to Bono and it’s a magic piece of film where he’s they’re exchanging this tune and BB’s learning When Love Comes To Town because you’re not old enough to write something and I just I was like there it is right there the uh you know I am I’m gotten actually I when I was you know it’s sort of like 15 16 I I’m a big baby fan a massive Hendrix fan as well and Gary Moore too and Gary Moore was supporting BB King on tour in the UK yeah I was it was pretty cheap for tickets then and I thought you know I I don’t think I could make it work I can’t go this time but I’ll catch them next year and then Gary Moore died no no and uh don’t let the moment go no but I know the album you’re on about um Eric Clapton and BB King here Riding with the King I was listening to it in the car the other day and the interaction between the way they both play it they just complement each other so well so it wasn’t just BB King it was Albert King yes Freddie King Albert Collins Buddy Guy there was a whole that’s incredible bloody Waters oh my God the list goes on and on and on they and they had an interaction as well you know there’s a similar group now actually in blues times I mean you’ve got um Josh Smith Kurt Fletcher Joe Bonamassa those guys are kind of I think they’re trying to recreate some of that magic of Their Own yeah I think that they’re all doing their own thing I don’t think that they’re trying to copy look if you steal from one place it’s stealing you steal from 10 places it’s research they’ve done your research I got a chance to play with Joe once and I was really impressed with this musicality he was really something yeah he really knew what he was doing I mean we’re talking about a very high level musician yeah he is absolutely incredible and he’s beloved in the UK absolutely I mean whenever he plays the tickets uh ridiculously expensive to go and see him and he pretty much sells out everything he plays so is he really good yeah I think um yeah he’s an absolute I think he is a you know he’s becoming a guitar Idol for a lot of people yeah an absolute hero that’s great now if we can go back to guitars can you tell me a little bit about this yeah it’s a PRS guitar so this is look it’s got the worst name in history the Paul’s guitar oh come on so oh come on give me a break no it’s great that’s terrible what do you like about this guitar what makes it sounds really good let’s plug it in so these originally were the bass pickup um and one of our guitars in the treble pickup was wider but it just seemed to work really well because you could get a very single coily sound out of these coils if you wound them right um

[Music] so the idea was they were P90s that didn’t make a hum and they had a little bit clearer high end but sometimes a P90 on the high E string and take your head off so um and they hum I mean the hum out of P90s in some clubs was louder than the guitar yeah I mean they just with the saying uh over in America for me was they hum like banshees right so yeah um but this thing just

it sounds halfway between an old paf and a and a and a single coil um and I just adore the way it sounds because if you’re going

[Music] listen to that thing that’s very rounded [Music]

it’s driving the amp well right so let’s turn the gain way way up on horse meat and see what it sounds like distorted

[Music] I’m sorry this guitar sounds good yeah absolutely up high the bass pickup

foreign [Music]

but this just came um slowly over time from the I guess was 408 right it was a base pickup in the floor and then these switches turn these into single coil so the base pickup yeah you’re coming foreign

so it’s thicker sounding and humbucking it’s a little clearer in single coil we’ve tuned all the notes to where we want that’s what TCI is tuning it to the right spot and I just think the guitar sounds good I can’t imagine that you take this guitar to a gig or a session you wouldn’t be able to get a good tone out of it yeah like I said it’s it’s a super rounded sound so it has when it’s in humbucking mode it does have some of that P90 quality to it you know it’s it’s got that single core openness a bit of sauce it also it’s also got a lot of high end in the higher mid-range which some of these single coils have the guitar is ran well it’s um how much time do you spend in the factory a lot of stuff you know they have a meeting every morning at nine o’clock and all we do is talk about things we’re going to improve every day every day every day it’s all One A Day improve one thing a day and 250 things get fixed a year yeah I mean that’s it’s ideal isn’t it that’s it in your guitar oh if you can my boss has got to do me a good deal again you can find out if somebody loves a guitar if you start throwing it and they start screaming they love it yeah this this is a great looking color as well is this the The Violet finish that’s a version of a purple it’s beautiful it’s got a red maroon and a purple and a black look to it yeah that’s incredible the exact color name of that which I think is a specialty color that we do I don’t know it’s uh it looks great I love the natural back on there as well I’m a big fan of of the natural backs the um so that is the the pause guitar and there’s one more guitar actually I wanted to talk about and that is the 594 which effectively in some ways is it’s like an early Les Paul vibe to it scale length pick up voicings things like that the reason we did it was because some people learn how to drive with this gear shift here and this here and that there and if you don’t set it up that way they’re just not comfortable so we set it up with the four knobs in the toggle switch and the 594 that is the scale of a 50s Les Paul or you know as opposed to the modern 24 and three quarters well I’ve measured them they’re not they’re they say they’re 24 and three quarters but or 24 and 5 8 but they’re not and there was an argument when we came out of this that came out with us whether we got it right or not and then some people put into the Bloods we measured it they got it right yeah these are extremely popular guitars as well I mean this it’s three thirty seconds longer than 24 and a half okay so it’s it’s pretty pretty it was it was in a calculated thing that that they did but I think it’s a good scale length it’s an industry standard um 25 and a half would be you know the standard Fender length 25 is most prs’s and this is at 24.594 yeah I mean look at the flame on the neck on that is how they got a really good piece on this one you should throw the guitar away no no it’s kind of bourgeois yeah no it’s it’s an incredible guitar we this is we love these quilt top on it yes I was noticing that it has put the price but I mean if you want an incredible looking guitar that’s completely different to you know something that’s you know if you don’t if you want a traditional feeling guitar with some traditional sounds but you want something that looks modern and refreshed how can you go wrong with one of these I don’t know

Jordan Horse tour

[Music] so that’s a little bit higher in Pitch than the Paul’s guitar and a little bit more humbuck

single coil yes you can hear the mid-range just it’s just a little bit thicker on this [Music]

were you the one that was saying you gotta not think about vibrato otherwise you ruin it yeah I mean my vibrato at one point is very when I think about it it’s calculated but when I don’t think about it it just happens this is I have to think about that I don’t think about it either it’s like being told not to Blink [Music]

Eric Johnson does that that active jumping yeah [Music] one of my favorite things to do is to bend the minor six up nice

another thing I like to do is bend the flat five

[Music] about this all the notes are lasting there’s it’s when I’m playing a note it’s not going away it’s lasting and you’re making me feel good about how good the guitars are coming out of the boxes you know mostly I’m looking at trying to fix problems and what I’m experiencing is what a customer would get right out of the box that’s cool this guitar sounds good it sounds and it looks incredible and what I think you’ll you should appreciate as well is the fact that you I mean you’ve got great guys working for you you know they can put these guitars out there like that you know because everyone else Friday afternoon shifts don’t they you know it’s a thing but you just don’t get that feeling with these so so Friday afternoon shift means that the work on Friday is shodier than Thursday that’s that’s the that’s the old saying isn’t it impression oh that guitar PRS made on Friday that’s not really good that was yeah maybe Friday’s better because they’re looking forward to the weekend and they put more care into it that day how about that that well yes you could look at it like that so how does somebody buy this guitar from you so you have a website how does it work yeah so so we have our website every every guitar that’s in the shop that is for sale is on there it’s um yeah honest it’s part of our Personal Collection stuff it will all be up for sale it’s on their price all the specs you get incredible you know with a guitar like this this will have 10 photos on it yeah on your website on the website we weigh them on the scales as well so if you’re particular about weight you want it you know in a certain threshold that will be on there on the website and we do use Reverb a bit as well it’s um a lot more for the second hand guitars happening in England yeah massive massively as well it took a while to really take off but Reverb we love it you know it’s it’s great it’s the guys from Chicago Music Exchange yeah you know and and what’s nice about them as opposed to some of the other kind of third-party selling platforms is that they actually it’s from a guitar shop well they’re actually a separate business now yes and um I remember walking in and them showing me it was a room about three times this size and they said they were going to go into a competition with eBay I said that isn’t going to happen he goes no that’s going to happen and we’re gonna charge our customers the people that are selling half what eBay charges yeah and they they pulled it off Big Time David called pulled it off with his team and it was really impressive I spent a lot of time on reverb looking for gear the only way that I can talk to Ted McCarty or Leo Fender or Jim Marshall or Ken Brandt or any of these people is let’s say I’ve got a 1966 Marshall PA top you open it up that’s what they thought that day what’s in that app is what they thought that day and I can talk to them by listening to the amp yeah um not in an analogous sense obviously right but if you want to know what uh John Heiss and Ted McCarty and all those people thought in 1958 pick up a 1958 guitar they’ll tell you what they thought that’s what they thought that day yeah and this is what we think on the day we made it yeah our company is about seven months behind if we’ve made an improvement it takes about seven months to get it on the line so from when you think there’s a uh you know an improved Improvement to get it into production seven months that’s that’s pretty quick yeah so that that would be say you you think well we’re going to bring out a new bridge we found something that we we like at the moment that’s going to work seven months yeah the bridge might be a little longer might be a year oh wow but it’s still not 10. yeah so look this is my first stop on this long trip I’m here because I think the Ukraine war has affected things more than people are talking about and I just want to sit with all the dealers and and get an idea what they think what they’re what they think the future holds uh say hello after this postcovid you know jail time we did you know yeah nice about guitars is while we were in Kobe jail guitars were the drug that got us through it you know oh yes people bought a lot of guitars during coven we we couldn’t keep up with the demand especially in the the first part of our first look down we lit we didn’t have room to put guitar we didn’t have boxes to send them out in at one point you know well that’s great it was like we had to kind of fashion stuff out I wasn’t gonna plan that for nothing honestly and we couldn’t have planned how the the the the pedal release happened a few days ago yeah you know all boy people had a field date with that one oh yeah absolutely but I think that my team did an extraordinary job of making sure the world knew these things were coming yeah and they they sound great they look incredible too I love the casings of them you know I think yeah you’ve got it spot on with these it’s nice of you to say speaking of New Gear out this is one new guitar you’ve got now it’s the uh a new Robin Ford Model can you tell us a little bit about that on the release day fair enough it takes a tiny bit okay fine Robin’s an extraordinary guitar player not good he’s extraordinary he has a magic sound in his hands plays more like a sax player than a guitar player somewhere in between every time I see Robin play I just can’t believe the sound coming out of his hands and we’ve been honored to be able to make him a model that will be released this part of the video I’m asking you not to show until we release the guitar absolutely um there are some in the UK waiting to be shipped um hopefully you’ll get your allotment which is great and um

but he’s very very very smart guy smart cat a great musician frighteningly good I I’ve been very much getting into Robin Ford a lot recently and there’s this probably one of the best guitar tones I’ve heard it’s it’s almost clear it’s just on the edge of breakup one run in this song Wild honey and I listened to the whole song it’s only about three minutes long the song and he puts this run in like two maybe three times and I listen to the song just for that you know that that five seconds of this run and it’s it yeah it’s just probably the best tone I’ve heard on a clean sound it’s kind of like Derek Trucks on Desdemona did you hear the solo at the end of decimono Derek Trucks right before uh the end of the song I won’t advance it to there but I know it’s coming yeah I know it’s coming we when Danny Gatton played in my town we had all the guitar players stand there with their arms crossed all lined up waiting for the moment for us him to bury us we knew it was gonna happen he was gonna do it in the beginning you turn his back really yeah that was the story like Van Halen I don’t know about that but maybe he but he literally we would wait and we would be screaming when he did it he we knew it was coming it was always about three quarters away through the first set and he would do something and we would lose our noodles

son of a good guitarist when other you know other guitarists are actually inspired by entire players I got to see Van Halen at his Peak but he was something yeah the tech staff took me aside at two in the afternoon and said the guitar player and this band is unbelievable we can’t wait to hear him play every night the the people wow all the Roadies couldn’t wait here and play I mean they knew something special was going to happen every night Van Halen was going to walk out on the stage and bury everybody you know so good guitar player really good guitar you know just look there’s so many good guitar players we can just go on and on and on and on and on about you know brilliant brilliant guitar players you brought Gary Moore up earlier oh yeah and Simon bride who did a record uh not that long maybe maybe it’s been 10 years but now you know he’s out with deep purple yeah you know he’s got a guy in from Ireland killing it we uh no we’ve we’re very fortunate actually here to have some great guitarist and you mentioned one at American earlier Eric Johnson you know he’s I mean he’s unreal sometimes when he’s on you bring the hairs on your arms up yeah I mean he’s just ridiculous the uh but yeah like you say we could go on about some great great English American guitarists sent in on have you seen John Mayer on have you seen Mark Tremonti on yes these these uh John McLaughlin I just keep naming the name guitar players there they’re ridiculous I mean when Carlos is on people are singing The Melodies walking into the bathroom in the back of 20 000 seats I’m sorry how powerful guitar player to be able to get the entire audience to sing Melodies guitar Melodies yeah he’s playing songs inside of songs yeah and it’s the it’s the thing that every good guitar teacher should teach someone is that you know if you can write a solo like but one that people can sing like Hotel California and you can tell us early from that you know get Melodies in there and you need the right guitar to do it on I interviewed Joe about where that came from really yeah it’s online you can see it and they had worked the the sending bits out you know uh the but all the other stuff was impromptu in the studio and they and I asked Joe I said how do you think about playing because he goes I think Melody I think Melody I I was in the James gang and because it was so Barren if I didn’t play A Melody it would work and he had to think about it nobody really questioned him about why it was so melodic why it was the way it was because James Gang made me play that one which I thought was a great answer you know I’m sorry there’s been David Gilmore’s played some stuff to just fantastic yeah he’s an incredible guitarist and I think he’s he’s one of the shock favorites here actually it’s we we don’t we talk about Pink Floyd a lot and you know Dave Gilmore’s technique but he doesn’t come up as us saying he he is one of the best guitarists you know that we know he’s not technically fast he’s not like I mean he still has some chops but he’s not you know look yeah but his you don’t know if he’s really fast he could be lightning Fest and he chooses not to that’s how good a guitar player is yeah absolutely I don’t know about that I I can tell you that I’ve seen some guitar players play that just have you right now Jimmy Herring is playing state of the art guitar in a band called Widespread Panic literally you can’t believe how good he is you’re you I was at a show the other day it was state of the art guitar state of the art killing it just murdering it Derek Trucks when he’s on I mean you know goes on and on and on this list of guitar players uh have you seen periphery play have you seen I mean no not live oh I mean these bands are have you seen Dusty wearing play have you seen I mean these David Grissom have you seen him live yes it’s uh it’s one of the best Gunslingers to ever walk out to the front of the stage you know yeah no you you are very fortunate with some of the artists you have under under your wings as well I guess in a sense you know you’ve got some great players um and you know they’re getting some great guitars as well it’s well it’s a symbiotic relationship they need the guitars and without their support people aren’t going to pay attention to our guitars we need if Carlos Santana plays one maybe it’s good enough for you to play one you know but then Carlos is getting guitars from us constantly we’re making guitars all the time he loves guitars when Joe Walsh was in our shop it was literally like watching somebody with the word guitar written on their bones they were so happy to be in a Guitar Factory just to be yeah just to be around where these these kind of dreams come from yeah first time Herman Lee was in our shop I was he was like I love this have you ever seen Dragon Force yeah I mean it is an incredibly technical guitarist as well it’s just just an absolute Beast he’s also wicked funny and wicked smart yeah and he said well Tommy is here yeah absolutely no I think that translates well enough yeah translation hey um thanks for having me no Paul it’s been an absolute pleasure having you it’s it’s great that you managed to stop by I know you’ve got an absolutely it’s a stupidly hectic schedule so we do we appreciate it coming hectic so there’s enough like we weren’t restricted on time today I wasn’t trying to I gotta leave you know I didn’t want to do that anyway thanks for having me hey it’s been an absolutely let’s do something highly unusual I’m gonna come over and hold the camera and I want him to get in in this shot so that Tom’s instantly got nervous his face but you can’t do a video without support people it doesn’t happen nobody ever introduces them so here we go I’m coming over you’re gonna get in this coming so I’m getting Michelle hey come on you got it so this this is Tom here’s our videography wave at everybody time he makes me look uh human most weeks so near enough guys and he makes everything kind of gel together nicely so he stands behind the two cameras man this thing’s got servos and it’s fighting me and it’s trying to get so you have to like make friends with this thing in a minute man completely a reject I am with a camera all right and with that we are done hey well done

that was really good thank you very much


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