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By David Stanton: June 29, 2017

We may well be blowing our own trumpet here but Guitar of the Month for July is our very own GV-designed Taylor Custom GA. A subtly gorgeous acoustic guitar with a huge, well balanced tone.

GotM-July-17---Taylor-Custom-GA_BLOG-1BTO (Built to Order)

Taylor’s BTO programme gives you the opportunity to own a truly unique and expertly crafted Taylor. This is your chance to let your imagination run wild with wood combinations, exotic species, finishes, eye-catching inlays, binding, and your preferred measurements.

We designed this particular Custom GA during a visit to the Taylor factory in El Cajon, California in the Autumn of 2016. We were able to select the raw materials from their impressive wood store and, with guidance from Taylor expert, Simon Blundell, dreamed up this impressive acoustic. We wanted an instrument that wasn’t dripping with ornaments and ostentatious inlays but one that allowed the natural beauty of the woods to take centre stage. Taylor’s GA (Grand Auditorium) body shape has proved to be a popular and versatile design providing a fine balance of high-end attack, reduced midrange and a solid warm bass. Equally at home supporting soft and hard percussive picking as well as fingerstyle, the GA was the obvious starting point for our BTO.

GotM-July-17---Taylor-Custom-GA_BLOG-2Natural Quality

Lutz spruce is relatively new to the tonewood scene but has quickly gained a strong reputation for its stiffness to weight ratio, qualities that sit between (and often surpass) Sitka and Engelmann, and tonal characteristics similar to the much-lauded Adirondack spruce. The Lutz spruce top delivers a lively and responsive attack supported by Adirondack spruce bracing.

Ebony is often used for fingerboard and bridges but as a body wood it is loud, rich and dynamic. Macassar ebony has beautiful black and red-brown striping and delivers a dark strong bass response that travels through your entire body. Ebony takes some time to open up so will only get better the more it’s played.
Plain black ebony has been selected for the fingerboard and bridge and the lack of inlays gives a classy clean modern look.

Figured Hawaiian koa binding, ebony headstock overlays and striped Macassar ebony pickguard round off this sophisticated package.

Taylor’s gloss finish on the body and headstock really makes the wood grain pop while the satin mahogany neck allows super-smooth gliding when playing.

GotM-July-17---Taylor-Custom-GA_BLOG-3The celebrated Expression System 2 pickup translates all the qualities for easy amplification or recording.

This Taylor Custom GA has a high-end price tag but is, by no means, just some expensive wallhanging – this is a real player’s guitar with a unique character that will keep you inspired and deserves to be played with passion.

The Taylor Custom GA Lutz Spruce / Macassar Ebony is available HERE…


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