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GIBSON Just released This UNREAL Kirk Hammett 1979 Flying V!! AND WE’VE GOT ONE!| Guitar Village

Richard Wigington : April 21, 2023
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Gibson Custom Shop Murphy Lab Kirk Hammett 1979 Flying V Ebony #KH 071 –

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Sam present’s the Gibson Custom Shop Kirk Hammett 1979 Flying V and highlights that this is a reissue of a reissue as it were of a Flying V, first issued by Gibson in 1979. This particular edition is a copy of Kirk Hammett’s personal Flying V, originally from 1979. Confused, don’t be, there is even Gaffa Tape positioned on the back of the guitar as per Kirk’s original which aims to add additional grip to the instrument when played seated, just like KH’s.

The most impressive element of this awesome guitar, apart from it being an incredible looking instrument anyway, is, in this case, how the Gibson Murphy Lab has aged the instrument to look, and feel, exactly as Kirk’s own guitar, they have done an incredible job. The Gibson Murphy Lab have painstakingly recreated the finish of the guitar to replicate the wear and condition of the original in considerable detail, right down to the playwear that the guitar has accumulated throughout its working life in Mr. Hammett’s ownership.

The 2 x T-Type Humbuckers that now feature on this largely, otherwise stock mahogany guitar are true to the Gibson spec of 1979, not the EMG pickups that Kirk subsequently replaced them with. Either way, the pickups that this guitar comes with sound incredible and really do offer enormous tone as you can hear on Sam’s video, true to the riff. 

The other key feature on this guitar is the neck profile otherwise known as the Kirk Hammett neck profile which aims to replicate exactly the neck feel and handle of Kirk’s original instrument, a pretty rounded, comfortable 60’s type neck profile, not too thin, not too rounded, super comfortable. A superb, versatile Gibson Flying V which should appeal to all electric guitar players. 

Full Transcript

Guitar Village here and today I am really excited to announce the brand new Gibson Custom Shop Kirkham at 1979 Flying V now for those of you who remember Gibson did actually do the reissue of this model the 1979 Flying V but it’s kind of a later version so this is a bit of a time capsule so it’s the same guitar however this one is fitted with the original humbuckers and not the emgs that later fitted to the guitar now we’re going to look a little bit about some of the specs you know talk through some of the features on this and talk about the aging on it as well because it is incredible so first up let’s have a listen to it foreign.

so the specs on this model are pretty standard for you know a late 70s Flying V we’ve got a mahogany body mahogany neck with a rose with fretboard we’ve got two T-Type handbuckers in there it’s got a stop bar but a custom bridge two volumes a tone control and a three-way switch so very typical stock model now the neck profile on this they’re calling it a kind of custom Kirk hammock V signature on there it’s pretty rounded it’s not a hard fee by any uh any sense we’ve got the typical 70s for loot the machine heads you’ll notice are not the standard cluesome or Gibson uh tuners that we would have seen at that period there Charlotte M6 custom ones on there we’ve also got some nice Sharla strap locks too so let’s talk about the aging and for me that’s always the best selling point of one of these signature models you know it’s great having the same spec as some of your Heroes and Kirk Hammett was a big hero of mine when I was younger you know even grew my hair like him unfortunately we don’t have a photo on file to show you though so the aging on this guitar it looks absolutely incredible I think all the lack of checking the detailing from the Murphy lab is impeccable things like the tape on the back there you know stops the guitar slipping around you can see where they’ve worn through in patches you know you can see some of the bare wood on the front and back of the guitar there’s like kind of sweat marks on the pickguard also there’s cracks in the pickguard where you can see the screws have been over tightened just so many little bits detail you know the attention to detail on this is absolutely incredible through years of playing you can really see where the Stop Bar is kind of corroded where the hand’s been rubbing against it and for me that just makes it look so so authentic another great attention to detail on this guitar is where the tuners have been replaced from The Originals you can actually see the outline and the screw holes that were there you know kind of touch up repair scratch up the top there you know so many little dinks dense scratches I think this guitar is meticulous in its attention to detail and you know if you’re into Kirkham as much as I am you’re going to want this model

foreign [Music] I really enjoyed checking out this brand new Flying V it’s an incredible guitar you know it’s going to nail those Metallica tones and if you’ve heard any of the first five albums from Metallica the best ones by the way you will have heard this guitar you know it feels great to play and if you get chance do check one out


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