Breaking the Code!

Fibonacci Guitars, named after the mathematical genius Leonardo Fibonacci, are based in London and are the result of a difference in direction taken between Peerless Guitars in Korea, and its marketing and product development team based in the UK.  For many years, Fibonacci have worked closely with artists, designers and skilled luthiers to produce guitars of the highest quality, whilst keeping production costs low which is no easy task! All the materials used on Fibonacci guitars are responsibly sourced without restriction and all final assembly, painting, lacquering and hand finishing takes place in the UK.  Whilst Leonardo Fibonacci may have been all amount the numbers, Fibonacci take a ‘Quality over Quantity’ approach to building guitars which results in a truly exclusive and incredibly well built instrument.

The Line-Up

The current line-up of Fibonacci guitars consists of six different models:

  • Fibonacci CalifornianThis beautifully proportioned, hand carved, 15” x 63mm archtop, consists of a premium, seasoned 30mm, AAA select American flame maple sound-board, 3-ply laminated maple back & sides, and a one-piece maple neck. The Californian is trimmed with solid maple binding throughout, and fingerboard, floating bridge, finger-rest & tailpiece are all crafted in solid Indian ebony.
  • Fibonacci Roma – A compact, hand carved, 14” x 76 mm contemporary archtop/acoustic ‘crossover’ guitar, produced with a premium, seasoned hand carved 30 mm AAA select American spruce sound-board and solid hand carved, flamed maple back & sides with a one-piece maple neck. Indian ebony is used for the fingerboard, finger-rest, floating bridge & tailpiece.
  • Fibonacci Diablo – The Diablo is a 14” x 56 mm archtop guitar with florentine cut-away, produced with 3-ply laminated maple sound-board, back & sides, a one-piece maple neck, and complemented with solid maple binding throughout. The DIABLO comes as standard with Indian ebony fingerboard, scratch-plate, floating bridge & tailpiece.
  • Fibonacci Chiquita – This contemporary guitar is a compact beauty at 13″ x 76 mm. Produced with a premium hand carved, 30mm, AAA solid select American spruce sound-board and hand carved solid flame maple back & sides. Fitted with a one-piece flame maple neck the fingerboard, finger-rest, floating bridge & tailpiece are all in Indian ebony.
  • Fibonacci Tomkat – The Tomcat range consists of three guitars at 16” / 15” / 14” lower bout widths, with or without centre block are produced with 3-ply laminated maple – top, back & sides, one-piece mahogany necks and Indian rosewood fingerboard.”
  • Fibonacci – The Fibonacci is a classically styled 16″ x 44 mm, hollow body guitar with sound post, produced with solid carved AAA spruce top, solid carved mahogany back & sides, and a one-piece mahogany neck, fitted with Indian ebony fingerboard, floating bridge & tailpiece.

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