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Cordoba | Traditional Nylons With A Modern Twist

By Mark Johnson: December 27, 2016

Cordoba Guitars was founded in 1997 by Tim Miklaucic, a leading nylon string expert who studied classical guitar under the guidance of his mentor, Celin Romero. His vision is simple; to preserve, nurture and continue the evolution of the nylon-strung guitar by building on the techniques of early master luthiers and adding modern developments. The distinctive Cordoba logo found on the headstocks of certain models was inspired by the beautiful red and white arches of the Mezquita Cathedral in Cordoba, Spain (pictured).


The main headquarters/factory is located in Oxnard, California where the Master Series is hand-crafted. Cordoba’s Espana and Loriente Series are handmade in Valencia and Barcelona and the Iberia, Fusion, Luthier, La Playa, Acero, and Protege Series (as well as all ukuleles) are handmade in China. Cordoba takes pride in using materials sourced from woods certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), an organisation the addresses issues such as illegal logging and sustainability.

A Modern Classic

Exposing nylon guitars to a wider audience requires a comprehensive range of instruments that appeals to different players. Personally, I mainly play electric and steel-string acoustic guitars but find myself in situations where nylon is needed. Because I’m not primarily a nylon classical player I struggle with the wide nut width and neck profiles on traditional classical guitars.

cordoba-neck-stylesEnter the Cordoba C9 Crossover with its slim “C” profile, radiused fingerboard and 48mm nut width! Immediately it feels as comfortable and familiar as my acoustic/electric necks but is still in essence a classical guitar. Other manufacturers offer similar profiles but in my experience tend to be aimed more at the folk nylon style rather than classical/spanish. The other non-traditional aspect of this neck is the truss rod allowing you to adjust the neck relief if needed.

Other modern features found on some models include a cutaway for access to the higher frets and built-in pickup/preamp. The Cordoba GK Studio, an inexpensive electro cutaway model, is a very popular choice for customers shopping at Guitar Village.

The Range

Cordoba offer an exstensive range of instruments catering for all levels of players at every price point. At the high-end of the Cordoba range is the Master Series; built in the California workshop, each model a tribute to those early master luthiers who crafted instruments of exceptional quality and whose guitars gave voice to the most renowned concert guitarists.
The Loriente Series is hand crafted in Spain using traditional methods from the finest solid tonewoods. This range of guitars is primarily aimed at the more experienced players at a slightly more affordable price than the Master Series.
The Espana Series offers players a more extensive range of instruments featuring a variety of classical, flamenco and cutaway instruments. This series is aimed at the intermediate player offering the player an instrument with a solid top hand-crafted in Spain.
The Fusion Series offers steel acoustic/electric players a nylon strung instrument with a more familiar feeling thinner, faster neck available in 12 or 14 fret models.
Hand-crafted in China using traditional methods and solid tonewoods the Luthier Series offers an extensive range of concert level instruments at a very affordable price.
Finally the Iberia Series offer the beginner to intermediate player a wide range of affordable half size and full size hand built Chinese made instruments with solid tops.

As you can tell from this comprehensive list, Cordoba have most bases covered even offering a great range of ukuleles and mini nylon six-string guitars perfect for travelling.

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