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Ciao Bella! Paoletti Guitars Make their Debut at Guitar Village

Adam Leaver: April 28, 2022

Guitar Village are delighted to announce that we now have within our walls a selection of Paoletti guitars. Champions of unique craftsmanship and a byword for impeccable taste, this is the first time we have added them to our in-store inventory.  

Founded in 2005 by Fabrizio Paoletti and based in Tuscany, Paoletti guitars boast the distinguishing feature of being crafted from old Chianti barrels. By “old,” we mean these chestnut barrels range from 130 to 170 years – certainly an impressive stretch! Used by generations of the Paoletti family to age their signature Chianti, these barrels have been given a second musical life in the form of these stunning instruments. Played by stand out artists as far-ranging as Keith Richards, Isaiah Sharkey, and Ritchie Sambora, Paoletti and their hand-crafted guitars have established themselves as a world-class brand in the relatively short time since their inception.

Rex Brown onstage with his Nancy Leather Rex Brown signature Paoletti

What’s in Store?

We welcome into the shop four guitars from Paoletti’s Loft series, one from the Wine series, and another from the Lounge series.

The Loft series seeks to emulate the heavy road-worn look of guitars from rock’n’roll’s golden years. Each of the guitars that comprise the Loft series are made with that signature aged chestnut body, and are characterised by their distressed finishes with a little extra colouring added to the wood. A classic and stunning example is the Stratospheric Loft HSS in Heavy Deep Blue.

Paoletti’s Wine series are made to celebrate the aged chestnut that makes these guitars so unique. That means no heavy colouring, and all natural finishing to show the quality and character of the woods. See our Stratospheric Wine HSS listing for more details. 

The Lounge series consists of Paoletti’s hollow and semi-hollow bodied offerings. Our Nancy Lounge HP90 in Heavy Deep Blue features a semi-hollow body with Paoletti signature hardware – offering rich and varied tones that are only elevated by that signature aged chestnut.

Last but not least, indeed most exciting of all, we recently sold one of Paoletti’s Il Giglio models – made famous by appearing in the hands of Johnny Depp onstage in 2020. Made from over 200 year-old wine barrels known to have belonged to the family of Leonardo Da Vinci, there are only ten of these guitars in existence. Read more about these incredibly exclusive guitars here.

Be sure to keep an eye on our website for these one-of-a-kind instruments; or better yet, head down to the store to try one out in person! Steeped in history, family tradition and Italian flair (not to mention red wine!), these guitars are certain to serve as the epicentre of any guitar collection for years to come.


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