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Founded in 1974, Music Man made a name for itself with the revolutionary introduction of active electronics in its production instruments. Whilst working for the team, Sterling Ball was a key figure in the design and development of the Music Man Stingray basses, before officially purchasing the company in 1984. Sterling was later joined by his sons Scott and Brian Ball and so began the family business of building premium quality, hand crafted instruments. In 1985, following the sale of Fender to the CBS company, Leo Fender came in to work as a consultant for Music Man before starting the G&L company. Operating out of central California, Music Man continues to set standards for innovative design and superior build quality.


The current line up of guitars and basses on offer from Music Man is bigger than ever before. Sterling by Music Man is the starting point for all things Music Man, with an emphasis on affordability and playability. Models include the Music Man Sterling LK100D Luke and Music Man Sterling JP150 John Petrucci.

The Music Man Axis series of guitars has been a mainstay in the product range for over twenty years. With a comfortable body shape reminiscent of a cross between a Fender Telecaster and a Gibson Les Paul, the Axis originated from the now discontinued Eddie Van Halen signature models of the 90s. Models include the Music Man PDN Limited Axis, Music Man Axis Super Sport and Music Man Axis Super Sport Semi Hollow.

In addition to their cutting edge, modern guitars, Music Man also offer ‘classic’ designs for those wanting something a little more traditional. The Music Man Cutlass is a modern take on the Fender Stratocaster whilst the Music Man Stingray Bass is largely based on Fender’s Precision Bass but with the modern addition of active electronics.

The list of artists currently using Music Man guitars is continually growing, with some players having their own signature models. Models include the Music Man Steve Morse, Music Man Albert Lee, Music Man Luke (Steve Lukather model) and most recently, the Music Man Valentine (James Valentine model).

Arguably the most notable of all Music Man endorsees is John Petrucci who has many different models available including the Music Man Sterling JP150, Music Man John Petrucci JP15, Music Man John Petrucci Artisan Majesty and Music Man John Petrucci Majesty 6 models.

Music Man also offers a range of Bass Guitars; the Music Man Stingray being the most notable with many different options available.  Other popular models include the Music Man Bongo 4Music Man Cutlass Bass and The Game Changer Bass, a revolutionary bass that allows players to combine any order of pickup coil in series or parallel, in or out of phase.


In addition to their impressive range of guitars and their legendary range of ‘Slinky’ strings, Ernie Ball have recently introduced a pair of revolutionary new effects pedals. The Ernie Ball Expression Overdrive and Ernie Ball Ambient Delay are the latest additions to the pedal range, alongside the impressive selection of volume pedals.


With an ever expanding artist repertoire, Ernie Ball Music Man have built guitars for pros from every genre of music, most notably John PetrucciSteve Lukather and Steve Morse.  With an emphasis on playability and using only the best materials, it’s easy to see why so many professional guitarists rely on Music Man guitars night after night.

Guitar Village are proud to be a UK dealer for Ernie Ball Music Man with a great range in the shop.


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