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Fender Custom Shop

Guitar Village is proud to be one of only a few Fender Custom Shop Showcase Dealers in the UK.

Featured Fender Custom Shop Guitars:

Fender-Custom-Shop-Tomatillo-Strats Fender-Custom-Shop-Paisley-Strat Fender-Custom-Shop-Caballo-Tono-Tele
Fender-Custom-Shop-Thinline-Tele-NAMM Fender-Masterbuilt-Rosewood-Strat Fender-Custom-Shop-1956-Strat

Fender Custom Shop was the brain child of Fender CEO Bill Shultz who wanted to capture the soul, vibe and quality of those pre-CBS hand-built Fenders. Initially employing two Master Builders, Michael Stevens and John Page, it wasn’t long before orders from artists, players and collectors came pouring in and now a group of Master Builders and team builders are busy producing some of the finest guitars and basses out there.
Fender Custom Shop work directly with artists and players to create truly one-off pieces as well as replicas and limited special runs. They have mastered the art of ageing guitars and offer several levels of wear and tear: Closet ClassicLush Closet ClassicJourneyman RelicRelic and Heavy Relic. If you prefer your guitar pristine and shiny then there is the New Old Stock (NOS) option.

Whether it’s a Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster or Fender Custom Shop Telecaster you crave we always keep a fantastic selection here in the shop and ready to try.

Click the links to view the current line up:

Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster

Fender Custom Shop Telecaster

Want to design your own one-off Fender guitar?

Choose your body shape, woods, finish – aged or not, electronics, Masterbuilt or Teambuilt, anything you want and we will get a quote for you.

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