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A Guide To Taylor Model Numbers

Adam Leaver: August 26, 2023
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Full Transcript

Hi Sam from Guitar Village here if you’ve been looking at Taylor Guitars and have been getting confused with all the model numbers today’s video is perfect for you we’re going to explain how they work so let’s get into it

Taylor Guitars are organized by series from 100 to 900 alongside the presentation and color series

let’s start with the first digit the first number identifies the series starting at 1 and 200 being made in Mexico and using laminate Woods when it starts at three it means you’re into the USA series the further the number you go up the higher the spec on appointments and tone wood choices if at the beginning of the model you don’t have a number but letters instead it could either mean one or two things either one it starts with a PS which means presentation series these models showcase Taylor’s craftsmanship and sit somewhere above the 900 series however if it has a k that means it’s a color model the second digit denotes two things whether the guitar is a six string or a 12 string model and whether as a soft or a hardwood top on it if you see a one in the middle of the model then that means it’s a six string softwood top whereas if you see A2 in the model it’s still a six string but it’s a hardwood top something like mahogany however if you see a five or six in there it means you’re into the 12 string territory and it works in the same way a five being soft wood and a six being hardwood the last digit identifies which guitar body shape you’re looking at let’s check out each one zero Dreadnought this is the traditional square-shouldered American silhouette one Grand Theater one of the smallest bodies in the Taylor lineup with a very modern design 2. Grand concert a small body modern design ideal for finger Pickers 4. Grand Auditorium slightly bigger than the grand concert and a really good all-rounder 6. Grand Symphony bigger than the grand Auditorium size it’s ideal for strummers and offers lots of projection 7. Grand Pacific this is one of the newest shapes in the Taylor lineup again another American classic Dreadnought shape this time with round shoulders eight grand Orchestra this is a jumbo body size and the largest in the Taylor lineup this is likely to offer you the most volume alongside the numbers there’s also the GS mini which stands for Grand Symphony mini it’s a small portable guitar that offers a shorter scale length with the numbering system out the way we’re on to letters if the guitar ends with a c it means the model has a cutaway if it ends with an E it means it has Electronics you’ll often see something like 314 CE which means it has both if you see an N past that that stands for nylon series models

I hope this video has helped give you a better understanding of the Taylor numbering system if you would like to find out any more about the Taylor Guitars we have in stock the links will be in the description below as always thanks for watching


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