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Since their introduction at the 1985 NAMM show, PRS has gone on to produce some the finest guitars in the world today.  In a decade when everyone was playing hot-rodded ‘super strats’, Paul Reed Smith wanted to build guitars of a higher quality that combined elegance, modern features and vintage-inspired designs.  The result was the PRS Custom 24; featuring 24 frets, a 25″ scale length, a lightweight double cut away body shape and tremolo system.

Only the Best!

In order to create truly “magical” guitars, Paul Reed Smith insists on using only the finest materials available. Most PRS electric guitars today feature a mahogany body, in many cases a highly figured maple top, rosewood fingerboard and abalone fret inlays.  The fret inlays are themselves a sight to behold, with most models featuring the famous ‘birds’ on the fingerboard.  If that wasn’t enough, PRS also offer 10 Top models which have a “clearly defined figure across the entire top with no dead spot”, resulting in an exceptionally attractive and eye catching guitar!

The Line Up

The current line up of PRS electric guitars consists of five different series: PRS Private StockPRS Core, Bolt-On, and PRS S2 – all handcrafted in their Stevensville, Maryland factory – and PRS SE, their budget range made to the same high standards in Korea.

  • The Private Stock range, as PRS claim, “represents the highest quality of materials, the most personally crafted instruments, and the greatest level of customisation available from PRS.”  These guitars are conceived and built with a ‘one off’ mentality resulting in a truly incredible playing experience. As well as offering a bespoke service they also produce limited runs of commemorative and artist models including John Mayer Super Eagle, Bernie Marsden, Mark Holcomb, Neil Schon and Carlos Santana. Also available from the PRS Private Stock is a selection of acoustic guitars including the Alex Lifeson, Angelus Cutaway, Tonare Grand, Tony McManus and Martin Simpson models.
  • The American-made Core series includes the Flagship PRS Custom 24, PRS Custom 22, PRS McCarty, PRS McCarty 594 (Single and Double cut), PRS Hollowbody II, PRS Hollowbody 12, PRS 408, PRS 509‘Paul’s Guitar’, PRS DGT, PRS Tremonti, PRS Santana and PRS Grainger Bass models.
  • The Bolt-On / CE series, which features a bolt on neck as opposed to the set necks found in the Core range, includes the PRS CE24, PRS CE24 Standard Satin and most recently, the PRS CE24 Reclaimed Limited Semi Hollow models.
  • The PRS S2 series, which feature a “re-imagined shape and style”, also made in America, includes the PRS S2 Custom 22 and PRS S2 Custom 24, PRS S2 Standard 22 and PRS S2 Standard 24, PRS S2 Single Cut, PRS S2 Semi Hollow, PRS S2 Mira, PRS S2 Starla and PRS S2 Vela models, as well as the recently added PRS S2 Reclaimed Limited Vela model.
  • The Korean made PRS SE (Student Edition) series, designed for those wanting a great guitar on a budget, includes the PRS SE Custom 22 and PRS SE Custom 24, with semi-hollow, 7-string and Floyd Rose options available, PRS SE Standard 22 and PRS SE Standard 24PRS SE 245, and PRS SE 277 baritone models. . Also available is a selection of signature models including PRS SE Santana, PRS SE Tremonti and PRS SE Mark Holcomb models.

Our PRS Wood Library McCarty was recently our Guitar of the Month! Read about it HERE!


Inside the PRS Factory

PRS Amplifiers

In addition to their range of beautifully crafted guitars, PRS also offer a range of incredible amplifiers in both Head/Cab and Combo varieties:

  • 2 Channel – 2 Channel Custom 20 and 2 Channel Custom 50 models
  • Archon – Archon 100, Archon 25 Combo and Archon 50 Combo models
  • Grissom – DG Custom 30 and DG Custom 50 models
  • HXDA – HXDA 30 and HXDA 50 models
  • Mayer – J-Mod 100 (John Mayer signature) model
  • Sonzera – Sonzera 20 Combo and Sonzera 50 and Sonzera 50 Combo models.

The J-MOD 100 | PRS Guitars

Guitar Village are proud to be a PRS UK dealer with a huge range across the board to suit all budgets.


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