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Marshall Design Store JVM410H 100W Head With 1960A 4 x 12″ Speaker Cabinet Cream Levant

Richard Wigington: April 24, 2023

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From the Marshall Design Store we are checking out this impressive Marshall JVM410H amplifier head and matching cabinet in classic Cream Levant, probably one of the nicest combinations we have seen in a while. Other trim features include gold piping all around the grill cloth and that highly distinctive block Plexi logo, which, on this particular example, looks amazing. 

But, before we look at the head in greater depth, let’s explore the iconic, matching, 4 x 12 cabinet and the speakers inside it, the Celestian G12 – T75’s, which in mono can accrue up to 300 watts, yes, that’s loud, its 2 x 150 watts in stereo mode, a tad tamer but not much and with ECC 83 Preamp tubes coupled with four EL84 power amp tubes, this cabinet is well set up for classic Marshall sonic performance. The speakers are perfect to project stunning, shimmering clean tones which can handle the heat when it comes to high gain, overdriven, distorted tones too. In other words, perfect all rounders. 

Like we said, back to the Marshall amplifier itself. This four channel head features classic Marshall clean’s, crunch’s, overdrive’s with two overdrive channels, OD-1 & OD-2 with an independent Reverb for each, which is a nice feature to have four reverb’s, one per channel, and a three band EQ which, enables all the classic Marshall tone in spades facilitated by the gain stages and volume controls. Additionally, there is one channel that has three modes that enables almost pre-set settings which further enhances the performance credentials of the amplifier itself, from sparkling cleans to all out saturated 80’s high output Whitesnake gain. Tweak away. 

Around the back of the amplifier, you will find two effects loops, one in series and one in series parallel which is designed to channel external effect pedal engineering according to your routing requirements on perhaps complex pedalboard setups. There is also an XLR Recording Out for direct to desk silent recording, where no microphones are required, ideal for home recording setups where silent functionality is a must. The neighbours might be in. 

This really is a superb amplifier, it can handle any guitar you plug into it and, with a little care and attention to set the controls to suit your requirements you will be thoroughly thrilled by the tonal composition of this amp. Not to mention also, how incredible this matching head and cabinet look, beautiful in your home, on stage or in the studio. Impressive.   

Full Transcript Here:

guitar villager and today from the Marshall design store we are checking out this gorgeous jvm 410h this is a package so you get the matching head and cab together now the finish on this one is a cream of antolex and it’s got gold piping around it and classic Marshall block Plexi logos before we start talking about the head and some of the features it has we’re going to have a look at the 412 matching cab so this is fitted out with four g12 t75 speakers in there from celestion it can go up to 300 watts so this is an immensely loud cabinet if you want it to be now back to the Head this is a hundred watts and this thing is going to drive this cab perfectly you’ve got five ECC 83 preamp tubes in there and you’ve got four el84 Power Amp tubes

thank you it has four channels on there so you can go from the clean Channel you’ve got a crunch Channel and two overdrive channels as well all with independent Reverb and three band EQ they’ve also got their own volume and gain stages on them too so you can have anything from like a really Spanky clean to a really saturated solo tone out of this amp on the four channels this amp has to offer each one has three modes on there so you’ve got ultimate flexibility this really is an amp that’s going to cover a lot of ground for a lot of people hmm

volumes and you can have them assignable so you can either use them on off kind of like a solo boost or you can have them set per Channel as well which give you some really interesting results there’s four reverbs one for each Channel and again you can have those assignable to each channel so you can have it on or off whatever you prefer the only kind of global feature is the resonance and the presence control it’s got fitting

now for those of you who want to run this app with the game which I’m presuming you do because I mean that’s what it’s for right you’ve got two effects Loop in the back one that’s a series parallel and one that’s just series you’ve also got a XLR recording out on the back so if you want to do silent recording as well it’s going to be perfect for that and if you are going to Gig it you know you’re going to be the sound Man stream just plug that thing in you don’t have to mic up like we’re doing here anyway enough to talk about this let’s have a listen to it

as I’m sure you’ve heard from some of the demos I’ve been doing on this app it really handles straps Les pools it can even handle loads of other guitars as well and I think you really get the detail and the character and definition from each guitar to really make them stand out so this app really covers so much ground you know with the four channels with the three modes on there it’s incredible you know Marshall 412 812 setups have been used for you know decades and you can really tell why the thing that’s so interesting about this amp as well is that it really can do like bedroom level like soaring lead tones or clean tones and it still sounds really good as well if you’re going to use the the silent recording output on the back if you know if you’re someone that likes to record at home this is going to be perfect for you now speaking of using this amp at home I think because of this gorgeous looking white toelex finish I think so many people are going to want to have this in their own practice rooms at home I mean this thing is going to look incredible if you’ve got a rack of guitars on the wall and you’ve got this thing next to it maybe with your pedalboard in front this thing’s going to look insane or maybe if you’re on a small Studio even a large studio this thing is going to look the part wherever you place it if you get a chance pop down and give this thing a try you will not be disappointed thanks for watching foreign


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