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Not just a maker of electric solid body guitars, Fender are also well known and, well regarded for their acoustic guitars which continue to enhance, embolden and deliver the musical ambitions of players around the globe.

In many respects, Fender acoustic guitars, across all of the current models and those that have gone before, continue to excite acoustic guitar players and prove it to be just as innovative, vibrant and as much in demand as their electric siblings.

Over the years, Fender have offered and led the way with as many classic acoustic guitar shapes and sizes as they can think of, partly to satisfy the huge demand for high quality acoustic guitars and, at the same time, to ensure that the latest design, technology and market trends are catered for in abundance with the player at the forefront of Fender’s technological investment.

2019, was a superb year for Fender acoustic guitars due to the launch of the

Acoustasonic Telecaster which has proved to be a huge success due to how great the guitar actually sounds. Is it a Telecaster or is it an acoustic guitar, we hear you say? Well, thing is, it’s both! And its light weight, beautiful aesthetic and versatility quickly captivates one’s attention. The Acoustasonic Telecaster’s success has quickly led Fender to expand the line with high-end exotic wood versions and the Acoustasonic Stratocaster. Great stuff! This proves the point about Fender’s playful and energetic approach to the future.

Historically, Fender realise their own acoustic guitar product back catalogue has a lasting legacy which is steeped in the popular acoustic music culture since the 1950’s. The Fender PM range, the CD-60 and many others including the Redondo and Newporter continue to be best sellers around the globe for Fender, with players and enthusiast’s alike who appreciate their tone, ease of playing, instrument quality and price level.

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