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Est. 1833

Christian Frederick Martin was a talented apprentice from a family of cabinet and guitar makers in Germany. Due to a dispute and the possibility of imposed restrictions between the Cabinet Makers and Violin Makers Guilds, C.F. Martin emigrated to America to set up shop and escape the feuding. He quickly established a music shop and guitar workshop in New York in 1833.

In 1838 C.F. Martin decided to leave the hustle and bustle of New York behind him and relocate to an eight acre plot on the outskirts of Nazareth, Pennsylvania where the current Martin factory remains to this day. An increasing demand for musical instruments led C.F. Martin decided to enlarge the Martin factory premises in 1850 and increasing guitar production. The years that followed proved to be very lucrative for C.F. Martin & Company. On Febuary 16th 1873 C.F. Martin, Sr. died leaving a lifetime of knowledge in the art of building fine acoustic instruments to his family and the world.

Chris-Martin-and-Derek The Martin Guitar Company has remained in the Martin family ever since; the current chairman and CEO, C.F. “Chris” Martin IV (pictured with the Guvnor), being the founder’s great-great-great-grandson.

Martin’s Early Innovations

C.F. Martin & Co. have been instrumental in shaping the steel-strung acoustic guitar as we know it. Between 1842 and 1843, C.F. Martin, Sr. created the Size 1 model featuring the earliest X-braced top ever documented. The bracing pattern is integral to the tonal characteristics of the instrument and provides structural stability as well as allowing the top to resonate. The X-bracing pattern is now widely used by other makers due to its rigidity and bold tonality.
From the 1850s on, Martin would gradually increase the size and variety of its models. In 1902 Martin introduced their large-bodied 12-fret 000 size; a guitar designed to compete with the volume of mandolins and banjos. Martin modified the 000 (or “OM” Orchestra Model) to accommodate 14 frets clear of the body, instead of 12, for star banjo player Perry Bechtel who wanted to switch from the long-necked plectrum banjo to the guitar.
In 1916 the company continued to design and build for Oliver Ditson Co. of Boston, Philadelphia and New York, including the first full-size “Dreadnought” guitar named after the class of large British battleships. The large size was to provide bass for vocal accompaniment, as well as greater volume. The dreadnought shape and name has become a standard among all acoustic manufacturers.

READ about the Dreadnought’s Influence On Popular Music

Rather than rest on its considerable laurels, Martin have branched out over the decades into electrics, sustainable FSC certified tonewoods, eco-friendly composite materials such as Richlite (an ebony substitute), and High Pressure Laminate (HPL) wood for bodies and necks – cost-effective and tough as hell! (available on the X series). Recently they have introduced their Vintage Tone System (VTS) – an ingenious process of ageing the wood to produce the warm “played-in” characteristics of a true vintage acoustic.


Martin-size-chart-largeTHE MARTIN LINE UP


With a company as old and prestigious as C.F. Martin & Co., we mustn’t forget the pre-owned/vintage guitars out there. Guitar Village have seen some amazing genuine vintage Martins come through the doors over the decades. Recently we’ve had a D-28 (1940), 2-17 (1924), 0-18 (1936), 0-42 (1899), 1-21 (1870), and a D-18 (1955). Vintage Martin acoustic guitars really can vary in price, some of them reaching astronomical figures depending on age, model, rarity and condition but it is possible to bag an historical Martin without having to rob a bank.

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