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Featured Ibanez Guitars:

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Ibanez Guitars and Effects

It began way back in 1908 when the Hoshino Company set up shop selling sheet music and distributing musical instruments in Japan. In the 1920’s the company began importing Spanish guitars designed and built by the renowned Spanish guitar maker Salvador Ibanez. A decade later the company began building guitars and adopted the Ibanez name. With the explosion of Rock ‘n’ Roll in the fifties and the continued success of guitar bands in the sixties and seventies, Ibanez turned their efforts towards building copies of the most popular guitar models. The quality, range and affordability upset the opposition leading to the US companies taking legal action against Ibanez. This particular moment in time is referred to as the “law-suit era”. The already well-established company then focused its efforts onto designing original and innovative instruments.

Ibanez Electric Guitars

1987_RG550_catalog_p2-3The range of electric guitars on offer from Ibanez is truly impressive and ever expanding. There are five different levels of guitar available, each one aimed at specific budgets or playing styles; J Custom, Prestige, Premium, Iron Label, and Standard.

The ever popular Ibanez RG series has been a mainstay in the Ibanez catalogue since 1987. Their long, pointed cutaways allow for unrivalled access to the higher frets making them popular with shredders! Models include the Ibanez Limited Edition Prestige RG3570FZIbanez Prestige RG652MPBFXIbanez Prestige RG655, Ibanez Premium RG6PCMLTD and Ibanez Premium RG721FM.

The Ibanez S series is the cutting edge of Ibanez design. Its signature body shape – sculpted, lightweight mahogany – is stronger and more musically responsive than guitars weighing twice as much. Popular models include the Ibanez Prestige S6570Q, Ibanez Prestige 6570SK and Ibanez Prestige S6UC.

Since the mid 80’s, Steve Vai has worked closely with Ibanez and has tailored his very own distinctive signature model. Similar to the RG model and released the same year, the Ibanez JEM features special Vai appointments such as a floating trem with an extra deep cavity, DiMarzio pickups and the unmistakable monkey grip handle. The JEM is now the longest running and most successful signature guitar series in history.  Popular models from the JEM range include Ibanez Premium JEM77WDP-CNL, Ibanez Premium JEM77P-BFP and Ibanez Premium JEM70V-SFG.

Joe Satriani is another virtuoso player who has relied on Ibanez throughout his lengthy career. Joe’s signature JS model has been a staple to the line up since its initial release in 1990. The rounded ‘Super-Strat’ shape, floating tremolo bridge and double humbucker or HS set up have been present throughout. Popular models include the Ibanez Premium JS24P-CA, Ibanez JS2450MCP, Ibanez JS2410 and Ibanez JS140WH.

Ibanez Archtop and Semi-Hollow Guitars

Ibanez now has a huge range of archtop and hollow body guitars for all the jazzers and blues players out there with many signature models available. George Benson has been a user of Ibanez guitars for decades now, with the Ibanez LGB300-VYS Little George Benson, Ibanez GB10-BS George Benson and Ibanez LGB30-NT Little George Benson proving ever popular. Recently added to the lineup is the Ibanez GB40THII-AA George Benson 40th Anniversary, with only 40 made in the world.

Another famous jazz player currently using Ibanez guitars is John Scofield with the Ibanez JSM10-VYS John Scofield currently available and the new Ibanez JSM100-VT John Scofield Signature HH being released in late 2017.

The Ibanez Artstar and Ibanez Artcore vintage models are a great solution for those wanting a vintage look and feel to their guitars without paying the hefty prices attached to vintage guitars.  Popular models available include the Ibanez Artstar Vintage ASV100FMD, Ibanez Artcore Vintage ASV10A-TCL and Ibanez AMV10A-TCL.

Ibanez Acoustic Guitars

Let’s not forget that Ibanez began life distributing acoustic instruments and still to this day offer a vast range of acoustic and classical guitars in a variety of popular body shapes and sizes including dreadnought, parlour and grand concert. Current models include the larger AE sized Ibanez Handcrafted AE900-NT and Ibanez AE500-NT Natural, the dreadnought sized Ibanez AVD10-BVS and the smaller parlour sized Ibanez AVN2-OPN Open Pore Natural. Mid-2016 saw Ibanez launch their “Thermo-Aged” range, a process of wood ageing known as ‘torrefaction’ or ‘baking’ where the wood is dried out at a high temperature giving it that sweet “played-in” sound and look. One such model is the Ibanez AVD80-NT which is a Dreadnought acoustic featuring a solid Thermo Aged AA Adirondack spruce top with solid Indian rosewood back and sides giving it that huge open voiced tone associated with this most iconic of acoustic guitars

Ibanez Bass Guitars

Like the innovative Super Strats of the eighties, Ibanez also offer a fantastic selection of basses including 4, 5, 6 and even 7 string models. The Ibanez BTB685SC-NTF and the Ibanez SR756-NTF are just as unique and revolutionary in their design, featuring exotic body woods, slim lightweight bodies and active/passive circuitry. The ever popular SR range of basses has given bass players a modern alternative for more than 20 years with their smooth, fast neck, lightweight body, and versatile tone-shaping electronics. Popular models include the eye catching Ibanez SR1400-MLG and Ibanez SR1300-NTF, the versatile Ibanez SR800-AWT and the semi acoustic Ibanez SRH500-DEF SR Aerium Semi-Hollow. Over the years, Ibanez basses have been the weapon of choice for a variety of players including Fieldy (Korn), Mike D’Antonio (Killswitch Engage), Adam Nitti, Gary Willis and Peter Iwers (In Flames).

Ibanez Effects

In addition to their vast range of guitars and basses, Ibanez are also very well known and respected for their iconic effects pedals.  Perhaps most famous is the range of Ibanez Tube Screamer overdrive pedals, including the original Ibanez TS808, Ibanez TS9 and Ibanez TS Mini, a new, smaller, pedal board friendly version! The Tube Screamer is the pedal responsible for Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Johnson and Carlos Santana’s legendary tones, among countless others. Other noteworthy pedals from Ibanez include the Ibanez OD850, another classic overdrive, the Ibanez Airplane Flanger (built specifically for virtuoso guitarist Paul Gilbert) and the Ibanez ES2 Echo Shifter, a revolutionary analogue delay pedal with digital like features.


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