By David Stanton: January 2, 2017

A guitar that’s already stunning and will only get better! The TAYLOR K24ce ES2 SHADED EDGEBURST is an all-solid, all-koa body acoustic that sounds as good as it looks.

GotM-Jan-17---Taylor-K24ce_BLOG-detail1Koa wood, native to Hawaii, is well known for its rich deep colours and varied grain. This fast-growing wood is a versatile material and vital resource for the people of Hawaii with roots running deep through the Hawaiian culture. Koa trees are abundant and well managed but it still takes skill to uncover those eye-popping, multi-coloured, deep-grained sheets like those found on this Taylor K24ce.

Not just a pretty face…

Combining the midrange of mahogany and top end of maple, koa is a dynamic and versatile tonewood equally suitable as a top, back and side wood. Some players may find the initial sound very bright but that is because koa needs playing in more than other tonewoods to reach its full potential. “Played-in” koa guitars have a rounded mahogany-like sound but with a more responsive treble making it ideal for players who like to switch between plectrum and fingerstyle.

GotM-Jan-17---Taylor-K24ce_BLOG-detail2Once we’ve got over the stunning koa body and look a little closer we see the ebony fretboard with the intricate ‘Island Vine’ inlay, Indian rosewood binding around the entire guitar, satin finished tropical mahogany neck, and gold hardware. The Shaded Edgeburst finish adds an extra depth to these gorgeous materials.

With Taylor’s latest ES2 Expression System allowing for easy amplification with a faithful tone this K24ce really has everything going for it.

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