AC/DC Power Up

By Richard Wigington: November 16, 2020

They may have been to hell and back in recent years but it’s heaven for fans as AC/DC return to visceral form from down under with Power Up the bands 16th international studio album set for release on Friday November 13th.


Following 21st century releases, Black Ice and Rock or Bust this is AC/DC doing what they do best with producer Brendan O’Brien stoking the fire on Power Up. With 12 new tracks conceived from fragments created during the writing of Black Ice with Malcolm very much at that point a key ingredient in the writing process.


The new tracks honour Malcolm’s memory and stay true to the SG sound of AC/DC with lyrics that park political correctness at the back of the bike shed. The band line up is Brian Johnson (lead vocals), Phil Rudd (drums), Stevie Young (Rhythm Guitar), Cliff Williams (Bass) and, of course, Angus Young (Lead Guitar).

If you are looking to jam along with AC/DC on their new record you’ll perhaps need one of these.


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